22 Days

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Cool 22 Days

Well this is a first. I haven't written anything public regarding my addiction EVER. But this can't be done alone and a forum like this can reap many benefits.

I am happy to have reached 22 days. This is my second real attempt at getting sober. I honestly didn't know I was an addict until about last year. The first time I picked up my d.o.c was when I turned 21. It started to become a major issue once I finished my studies at University 2 years ago and had more time on my hands. I accepted that I was an addict last summer and I thank God everyday that I have been able to learn about this disease sooner rather than later. However, I had to come to the point I am at now to finally surrender. This disease is something I TRULY want to be something I am in control of and not something that is controlling me. I know us addicts can become extremely successful even more than "normies" once we get clean and stay consciously aware.

I will definitely write more and more as I progress. I will share information about my bottom, my goals, the things that I am grateful for etc. But as of now I just want to introduce myself to the forum.

My name is Michael and I am an alcoholic/addict. I am excited to start this journey with you guys.
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Good luck Skywalker, admitting we have a problem and have truly lost control is probably one of the hardest steps.

Congrats on 22 days, it sounds like you are in a positive frame of mind and ready to be proactive with your recovery all in all sounds like you're doing pretty well so far.
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Thank You! Yes, the hardest part was for me to accept that I am an addict and to stop blaming the environment or other people for my problems. I appreciate your kind words.
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Welcome to SR Michael

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Welcome to the Forum Michael!! 22 Days is fantastic!!
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Thank you!!
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Do your best
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Welcome bk Skywalker great job on 22 days
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