Little Voice

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Little Voice

Hey Guys

so its Sunday evening and i am so pleased i have actually had an excellent weekend without drinking. I had a busier weekend then i usually would when i was drinking. I went shopping on my own and avoided any alcohol, i worked out i watched films with my family and i even went to the garden centre which before now i would have been so negative about doing any of that!

ive realised my outlook on life was always negative when i was drinking but now i couldn't be more positive and happy. Its just been a lovely weekend, no hangovers no disasters just 'a plain old boring weekend' which actually i love

Does anyone ever get the little voice in there head though still saying you might be able to be normal or just have one etc?! Because i no full well that's not possible but its almost like the addiction wants me to 'try' it... Im not going to because i no the consequences but its just bugging the life out of me.

sometimes i just think if it wasn't for my eating disorder that caused the anxiety that led to drinking i wouldn't be in the situation but now ive beaten the bulimia i don't feel the need to get hammered as they say. Sometimes i just think its annoying that i cant be a normal 23 year old and just be able to socially drink, but i keep telling myself it doesn't matter how or why i become an alcoholic, it happened and i need to keep strong and keep fighting because im sure its the addiction putting these thoughts in my head, because my sobriety is so important to me...

MJ x.x
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Yes, I have a little voice that sometimes becomes deafening. Very annoying. You have to ignore it the best way you can. When it starts lying to you and saying "just one won't hurt" you have to stand strong and realize it is a lie.
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Yep. It may always be there. It may go away.

Over time what's happened to me is I've become more comfortable just sort of smiling at it and saying 'maybe so... But I don't want to bother finding out. I'm happy with life as it is'

Keep working sobriety and that voice loses potency.
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Do your best
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That lil voice is known as the AV (addictive voice) it will tell you the wildest of lies about drinking

'il be ok' 'just the one' 'well ive stopped so that means im better/in control' etc

The AV is deceptive & wants oblivion recognising it really helps you separate yourself from the AV

So when it happens you know its not you and you tell that AV to do one

Your doing exellent Mjane check this out
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Listened to that voice about five months into sobriety.

It led me on a 1.5 year bender that I'm fortunate to have come back from. Don't mess around trying to let it have control..... It's lying to you.
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yeah we all get that little voice Mjane

two things to remember - it always lies, and it will fade away in time

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