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Exclamation desperation

Hello, not quite sure how this works however, I am in need of any kind of help I can get. I am in recovery and going to meetings but I am so overwhelmed with life. I can't fit in all that I've been through to get back to my kids but I tell you it hasn't been easy. I'm fighting depression almost every day. Last night scared me. I have a 17 yr. old son who lives with me every other week and a 22 yr old who is in early stages of addiction. The bad choices I've made since my separation from my husband have been haunting me. I don't know what to do. I feel so alone I can't stand to be in my skin at times. I just tried making an appointment with a psychiatrist this morning after a breakdown I had last night. I have a restraining order on an exboyfriend who has done everything in his power to bring me down from the break up. He was a bad choice. A drinker and as it turns out, a liar. I believed every word that came out of his mouth just to find out I didn't know him at all. This has been a pattern in my life since my marriage split. The men I attract are manipulators and vultures. They see me a mile away. For the first time in my life I am alone. I chose to be alone rather than have someone treat me like a piece of garbage. I could use any kind of advice. I'm desperate but won't drink over it. Please, any advice I would be so grateful for.
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Welcome Roni this site is fantastic for support & advice nice to meet you
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Hi Roni, welcome to SR. I seemed to attract all the wrong type. Still married to one, in fact. I think it's because I felt I didn't deserve better and accepted less. Keep working on your recovery. It gets overwhelming sometimes. Good to meet you.
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Welcome, Roni!

I'm sorry this is a difficult time for you. It does seem like a really good idea to be alone with yourself for some time, until you feel stronger, before getting involved in another relationship.

Have you talked to your dr about your depression? That might be a good idea for you.
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Hi and welcome.
Believe me you're on a well worn path leading to sobriety if you’ll work for it. It’s a fact that isolation is a very poor way of living for us alcoholics. There is a difference between alone time, which is good and isolation.

This site has some very good people with good suggestions along with the people in AA who have traveled this path for many years and understand the rigors of life.

Try to get to meetingS in your area for the good life you deserve.

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Welcome to the Forum Roni!!
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Hi and welcome Roni - you're among friends here

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Glad to have you with us Roni. Welcome.
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Welcome! Keep posting your thoughts and feelings. Choosing to be away from an unhealthy relationship is you giving yourself a gift. You are never alone in this; we are here 24/7!
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