Back after a while

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Back after a while

Hello Friends,

It's been a while since I've been on here. Felt I was drinking way too much several months ago so I quit for five days. Started again, reasonably for the first couple days and then right back to where I was. Drinking way too much.

I'm getting fat and my blood pressure is high. I work three jobs (not full time), I love all of them, I have a great family, and I don't want to die young. Way too much going on.

I'm going to stay dry today.
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Do it! I quit a little over 6 days ago. Best decision I've made in a lonngggg time.
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I'm glad you're back and working on your sobriety again.
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Welcome back Rush. Making the decision to quit was one of the best I ever made, hope it can be the same for you.
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Thanks Folks. This is a very welcoming place.
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Last booze: April 10 2015
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Welcome fellow Rush fan! I'm a newbie here (sadly not a newbie to addiction) but I'm already loving the support and feedback.
Best of luck to you!
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Do your best
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This will help with a plan Rush
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Welcome back Rush!!
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Welcome back Rush. Do you have a new improved recovery plan for this time?

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Good to see you back here Rush. We are with you.
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To be honest, I don't have much of a plan.

When I quit the last time, I didn't find myself any more productive. I missed the evening time when I went to that warm place and just felt nice. I'm one of those drinkers who doesn't lose productivity when drinking. I felt pretty much the same in the mornings because I didn't get "drunk" very often, and didn't have much hangover trouble. I don't get mean when I drink, or depressed.

The only problem was/is the quantity. It seems so obvious just to say, I have a two-drink limit from now on. But what I've found is that once I have the first one, the limit no longer makes any sense whatsoever (until I feel guilty about it the next day). I know it's not good for me physically. Blood pressure is up (borderline, not horrible), some liver enzyme is elevated on my last physical...

I've read about moderation programs and, like most of the folks on this forum, I have my doubts about whether I'd be able to do that. Either way, I think I first need to show myself that I can at least quit for a good while (month?) and find new habits to fill my evening time. It's tough. I used to brew beer. It wasn't about getting sloshed. I loved the tastes, the smells, everything about it. And of course drinking it, and talking about beers with my friends and sampling and reading magazines about it. It wasn't intentional that it got to be so much. I love Scotch too. I love the traditions and the earthiness of it.

Of course too much is too much, and I don't know many elderly folks who drink as much as I do.
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Quitting for a month might be an option. But if you are like me, you might get right back to drinking too much. For me just removing Alcohol completely from the table of options is the only way.

Good luck and loom forward to reading your progress ;-)
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I'd give myself at least a good three months sober and then see how I feel. It takes a few months to get back to something like 'normal'.
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In the “old” days of AA there was a saying: go to 90 meetings in 90 days and don’t drink.”

If you’re unhappy with the results your misery is refundable.

Many millions are happy with the results and their lives after drinking AND are in recovery.

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It feels good to have day 1 behind me. Day 2 feels promising.
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1 day ahead of me
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Rush2112, increased productivity is only one of the many benefits of getting and staying sober. I managed to climb the corporate ladder and raise a family even while, like you, drinking "way too much."

Since my last drink, I have become even more productive, my family life has improved, and I just plain feel better about myself.

Don't feel that your world has to crumble around you before you quit drinking. It doesn't. Now is a very good time to make the choice.

Good luck with Day 2. I am glad you are here with us.
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