Recovery Programs & What to Expect (What We Did)

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Recovery Programs & What to Expect (What We Did)

This link will give you information on various Recovery Programs in the U.S, Canada, Australia & New Zealand and the UK:

This link contains personal experiences of how we stopped:

Following are some Specific Ideas for your Recovery Plan

1.Therapy can be useful – Group Therapy, Addiction Counsellor, One-on-One Counselling, CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

2.Reading (An awesome way to supplement your recovery). Here is our Book Thread:

3.Guided Meditation, Mindful Meditation, Yoga & Pilates

4. Exercise – Walking is a great way to help recovery. It gets you outside, gets you moving, gets you connecting to your community, physically your body will feel better and it helps get you outside of your head. But, there are lots of other ways to fitness.
Here is a link to the Fitness, Health & Nutrition thread:
Fitness, Health, and Nutrition - SoberRecovery : Alcoholism Drug Addiction Help and Information

5. A Gratitude Journal – Here is a link to our Gratitude Thread:
The Gratitude List - SoberRecovery : Alcoholism Drug Addiction Help and Information

6. Chat Room – Many of our members make regular use of the Chat Room. Here is the link with information:
Chat Meetings and Chat Discussions - SoberRecovery : Alcoholism Drug Addiction Help and Information

7. Cravings? This is a great thread with tips for dealing with cravings:

8. Urge Surfing – This link is really helpful for getting through the really tough minutes of urges to drink:

9. Reaching Out – Be prepared with Phone #’s from people you can talk to if you’re having a hard time. Keep SR close by, we are open 24 hours a day.

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Thanks Anna

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Exclamation What exactly is a recovery plan?

Thought I'd add this to the excellent post at the top of the forum

Basically a recovery plan is a plan to help you stop drinking/drugging and stay stopped.

Things like exercise and hobbies should be a part of just about every recovery plan - but I really believe we also need to specifically address the drinking/drugging too.

Think about changes you need to make to your life.

Not only changes what you do for fun, the places you hang out and who you hang with, but also deeper change.

No matter what you drink or used for - stress or boredom, anger, joy, physical or emotional pain - you need new coping mechanisms to deal with all those things.

you also need to anticipate those times when you will want to drink or use, or when drink/drugs will be offered to you.

Have a strategy in place for dealing with those situations.

Ask for help here if you're not sure what to do or how to do it

All this can be difficult - which is why support is so important.

It might be a Dr or a counsellor, or a group like AA SMART LifeRing or some other might be outpatient or inpatient rehab - it might just be SR and other forums/chat rooms...

Find a level of support than works for you, and that you are willing to reach out when you're in trouble.

cover these bases, and you'll have the beginnings of a great plan.

This is an easy to read but detailed link which fills out the ideas a little more:


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That is exellent D

Thank you Anna & D you guys rock !!!
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This thread... this is the best. I am only 10 days in and it's been easy at times but really hard at other times. My wife went out of town this weekend so it was a real test (One I have passed by the way). But it has not been easy. Thanks so much for this thread, Looking forward to learning more about dealing with recovery and succeeding!
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Great info, thank you soo much! 😊
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I'm only 10 "hours" in but I've been down this road before, and this time I need to be in it for the long haul. I really think this site is going to help me along, thanks again!
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Acute withdrawal, unfortunately, is not the whole story. Our bodies make initial adjustments to the absence of the drug, and the major symptoms ease up. However, the changes that have occurred in our brains need time to revert back to their original state (to the extent that they ever do). During the period of time while this is occurring, they can cause a variety of problems known as Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome (PAWS).
PAWS | Digital Dharma
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Thank you Dee
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aka Nesty
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Oh wow this is nice Anna , Didn't see it . I have to be looking in the wrong places ...
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This is so helpful ninety one days in struggled this weekend feel great for not having one
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The Next Step...towards a better life
(thanks Aellyce )

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Outstanding thread. Thanks so much. xxx
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Beeraholic.....mine is away for a week or two. And I'm two days in.
At least I can be as crabby as I want and know I'm not affecting him I guess.
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Excellent thread on recovery plans:

A little recursive, but I agree it's useful in a Sticky!
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Suggested Exercises in group therapy. Recovery depends on the Group.

Denial breaking tool- Writing and reading an autobiography in a group. another is factual communication or family communication in a group. What those facts say must coincide with what the autobiography says.
the next step is doing the 1st NA or AA step with 3-5 AA incidents. share all answers in a group don't be afraid to ask for rewrites or add-ons. Prepare the following lists. Resentment lists (see Big Book), Gratitude list, Insanity List, power greater than myself list. Preparing and sharing Inventory ( NA basic text page 29).
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This is so helpful. When you finally realize you need help, but can't figure out where to get it, it's very frustrating!
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Do your best
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