Years of clean time flushed...just to get high

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Though surprised and saddened by your post, I'm not at all surprised at the love and support you've gotten here. It's always been that way with you, both giving and receiving.
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Originally Posted by Tiptree View Post

me too
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Thinking of you Carl. When all is said and done, were all in this together.

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Carl, this was both shocking and fascinating to read. I admire your honesty. I hope you come back posting soon and pick up the good work right where it was left. Nothing is flushed.

Have a good rest, if you can.
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Hi Carl.

I'm so very sorry that something in your life affected you so much that you couldn't resist using. That you couldn't come here and post before and share how you were feeling. I feel sad for that, because you must have felt very alone and isolated yourself to do what you did.

I think that's the worst part of relapse, a thousand days or one....the feeling of being alone, isolating yourself and separating from who and what you really want to be.

Hoping you stay and can't even imagine the sadness you felt in writing that post, Carl.xx
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Carl... (guy hug) ... be kind to yourself, we are only just human. Welcome back, you have my huge respect for your honesty.
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Carl, your posts have consistently helped me. You know so much, it is not nullified. I know you will get back up again. I would still gladly sit at your feet!
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Glad to see you are still in the SR community and didn't fall off the face of the earth with this setback/detour. I think you're an insightful contributor and I've enjoyed reading your posts in the past.

I don't presume to know how you feel about the matter but I hope you are in or are moving towards a good place.
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Carl, I hope you're safe. You don't have to stay out there. We care and want to help, just as you've helped all of us.
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((Carl)) sucks to be human, I hope you are okay.
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Hey Carl

You're one of the strongest SR members that I faithfully read posts. I am not sure what happened but you have the knowledge and wisdom to come back. I trust you are recovering and as you will know, there is no failure if you dont give up.

Stay close
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Carl, it happened to me as well. Just let it be a reminder of just how powerful and lifetime long this disease is. Step up and get back in the game. And know your experience has helped us all.

Much much love to you!

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Thinking of you Carl. (((Carl)))
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I'm sorry Carl, but I appreciate your honesty. As others have noted, it must have been damn hard to write that post.

It's not the end of the world though, please don't let this slip blossom into something worse. You've had over four years of sober time, so this one time isn't going to mean much in the long run--that is, as long as you get back up and renew the fight.

And I'm sure you can tell by the responses here that you will have a lot of support an encouragement here.
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Im one whos also enjoyed reading your stern but loving posts for quite some time. And I agree that no matter what your time in recovery isnt flushed. Weve all stumbled on the path at some point(s).

Hope you return very soon
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Carl, your posts always stand out for their clarity and honesty. Your example has helped me. Just wanted to say thanks. You're in my prayers.
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Carl certainly not wasted time as I have clocked up my two years today and leaned on SR quite heavily during this period particularly your strong posts. They resonated with my style of learning.

I hope it helps you that you helped me immensley along the way.
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Carl... your posts are always full of no nonsense wisdom. Love that about you. I have faith that you will find your way back. Rooting for you.
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I have always enjoyed your posts Carl.

I wish you well.
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This (Carl's slip) is a personal reminder that years of sobriety means nothing in terms of protecting you against the daily scourge. I'm continuing to be on alert one day at a time. Sobriety is not an end point to be reached it is a pathway you travel in order to live.
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