Years of clean time flushed...just to get high

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Nobody can take those 1600 sober days away from you Carl.

Please hop back on the horse. This community needs you!
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Get back up and go another 1600.
The first 1600 is incomprehensible to me.
In the last 25 years, most I've seen was 7 months.
I am very proud of you.
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Fall down 9 times, get up 10. Glad you're here, Carl. You never lose that sober time. Just start piling those days up again.
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Truly surprised and ...amazed. Surprised it happened but amazed you stood up and told us. You stood up fast Carl...real fast. I can't imagine what circumstance prompted the stumble....what became too much too bear.
Hoping you share again so very soon.
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I can't add anything but wanted to let you know I'm thinking about you. You are amazing for coming here and admitting you slipped.

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Originally Posted by doggonecarl View Post
This past Friday, I had over 1600 days of clean time under my belt.

Today, I don't even have one.
Glad you are back
You know what you need to do now
Get back on the sober horse
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Carl, I'm proud of you that you came here and posted. The story doesn't have to end this way! Get back up and get back in it!!!! We are here for you!!!
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Carl you are a stalwart of SR, you speak words of sense and compassion for which I have always had enormous respect. Today I have even more respect for your honesty and your demonstration, in the face of vulnerability, that it could be any one of us who might stumble and fall. You have a battalion of SR troopers reaching out a hand to you, my hand is one in the throng.
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That news is tough to hear from you Carl. Sorry for whatever has happened for you to want a high that badly that you couldn't enough realize a better outcome than using. I know you must be hurting, and I'm sorry for that. Just goes to show any of us its never too soon to be grateful for our sobriety even if its just for today...

I'm hopeful your reaching out and posting here on SR helps you to quit and stay quit Carl. Your a good man. You already had a wealth of experience to give, and now you have even more. Get busy making lemonade, good buddy. You've got what it takes to make sobriety a real deal. No worries.

Take it easy, and I look forward to your shared experience.
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This is one hell of a thread Carl - I hope you come back soon

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Carl, I had many years and decided one day to have a drink. It's been a long five years to get back to not drinking. It happens - no one is immune.

Hope to see you back here soon.
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Thankful for this community
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I'm very new here, but I'm thankful I found this community. If I can offer my humble support as well. We are not perfect. But there is grace in your courage and inspiration from your friendships. Hold your head high for that!
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I can't say anything that hasn't already been said. Carl, you are so loved and admired and respected in this forum ... more so now since you made this post .... I can't even imagine how difficult that was. All of us will learn from this. I hope you come back real soon and continue to add to those 1600 days. My thoughts are with you.
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I am so glad you came back! Please dust yourself off and stay, look at all the support and love you have! You always give a good perspective, what would you tell someone else going through this?
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Carl, I am so glad that you came here and posted.

You know you have support here and you have friends here and we know how hard this is.
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Carl thank you for this post. I am sorry that you had a moment of weakness but your spirit is so strong to post this message. This has helped me more than you will know, after just arriving in Las Vegas an hour ago. If anyone can get back on the right side of addiction its you. Sending some positive vibes as you have sent some to me unknowingly!
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The number is the ONLY thing I don't like about that seems to be a common theme in all recovery models. Everyone has just today - viewing a slip, relapse, or mistake as lost anything is not a model I choose to incorporate in my recovery. I've seen people with 20 years clean/sober do horrendous and damaging things to other people and people with a few months show amazing character traits. I've had a few slips this past year of recovery and was quite hard on myself to the point I wanted to just quit. But when I look at the entire time of the past year, my progress has been amazing compared to where I was this time last year.
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You'll never know how many people you have inspired. You still inspire me.

Show me how to get up and carry on!

I'm still right behind you.
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Carl, I have appreciated your wisdom so much. Your insight has helped me as a beginner down the road of recovery. Don't have anything to say really, just wanted to let you know.
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