Any and all help! Please talk to me!

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Welcome DadofOne

I agree with Anna - I think you already know what you need to do.
You'll find a lot of support here at SR

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Hi DadofOne,

I'm so sorry you have all of this to deal with. If it means anything, I have found it to be a huge help to post on SR. Everyone needs a safe environment to vent with no judgement. As an x alcoholic or whatever you want to call me, I know all the hurt and pain I caused my family. I took advantage of their love too. I also know how forgiving they have been to me when I changed my life around. I had to have some pretty hard lessons thrown at me.

I don't know of any quick solutions for you. Is it possible for you and your wife to get counseling? Sometimes an outside party can help people see each others point of view better then we can ourselves. I was just wondering that if at least you two could get on a somewhat similar page it might help to get the situation resolved for everyone.

There are way more people on here with more experience than me. Dads are pretty important so please take care of yourself.
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Thanks to you all thus far. I love all my kids and my wife. Today is mothers day and I really do love her. The b-friend still lives at his parents, it was taking place on the weekends. Now, as of last weekend, he started getting me a room for the two nights at a two bit hotel by the highway- I've seen the truck there. Two weeks is what I give it.
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Originally Posted by DadofOne View Post
Agreed on all points. I think I will see over the next two weeks if she does move out. If not, then it's a me or her situation, regardless of the fact that she does her job at work as this is constantly thrown at me by them both.
I have been there my friend. And 2 weeks turns into 6 months. And everyday I became sicker because of my AH. I turned into the FBI, Police, mother, prisoner. You name it. I spent my days monitoring phone logs, emails, Facebook, credit card statements. All because I wouldn't believe what I was living until I had proof. And when I got that proof, it wasn't enough. I was so caught up in seeing how duplicitous he was. It was never enough.

You KNOW what to do. You know. Do it. For yourself and the other kids involved. Don't make this y'all's life. Everyday for 6 months I made no plans. I woke up and wondered where his sickness would take me to that day. No more
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2 weeks is what I will grant- this resides in only my mind, I am not going to share it with anyone...then if nothing new, I bring down the hammer...I refuse to go on through life like this..she is going tomorrow with the boyfriend (and I use the term loosely considering he is more her fathers age than "boyfriend" age) to see about a place for them to move into June 1...but you know there is also the drinking in my house now and after the fact...I am all over the place in my dialogue I know, but honestly folks, you're all the first I have spoke to outside of this house about this in all this time!
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