When does this all stop, and how to cope?

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When does this all stop, and how to cope?

Hi all, I've never posted before but have read a lot, thank you all for sharing. I will post more about my story when I have more time, but a couple of quick questions for anyone willing to share...

When will the sober insomnia go away?

When can I expect the entire 'fog/haze' to be totally cleared up?

When can I start moving forward and getting my old motivation back that I've been stifling for so long?

Thanks for any info about your experiences.
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The insomnia takes a few days. Stick with it! Seriously, around day 3 you start to feel everything go back to normal. The haze is lifted. Make it 7 days and you're really on your way.

It's an investment of time but it's so worth it. Just a few days!
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Well I am in my sixth week and while I feel fantastic overall, I'm still not sleeping worth a crap and am often tired. One thing alcohol did for me was wake me up. I know that my tiredness is part of depression, which I plan to resume treating once I'm more solid with not drinking.

Welcome to SR, newtothis. This may also be something you should talk to your doctor about. Could be something as basic as getting some aerobic exercise (makes me feel tons better) and taking a multivitamin. How long have you been sober?
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I second that! My bad days were the 2nd and maybe the 3rd. The first two nights are the worst for sleeping I thought. After Day 3 it's just a matter of staying stopped. Your a lot calmer. The fuzziness in the head is clearer. And normality is nearly restored!
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Your old motivation will return a lot faster if you continue stay sober *winks*
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I was sleeping fairly well about ten days into sobriety.

The fog took awhile longer, I was really hazy the first week or two, so even though I felt very good I had some problems putting together sentences and remembering words, I had a lot of "tip of the tongue" moments. Maybe 3-4 weeks or so?

A month sober is probably a good self-assessment milestone. I think by then you will feel pretty good, in comparison. You might think about keeping a daily journal, for a number of reasons I won't get into unless someone asks me.

I am at seven weeks sober, tomorrow, for reference.

Good luck
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I'm on day 9 and it was like a light switch had flipped at day 7! I haven't experienced a headache, been tired, irritable, etc for the last 2 days! It's been awesome! I honestly don't remember the last time I felt this good.... It's so rewarding to see good choices paying off in how the day to day stuff goes! Keep it up, it's so worth it!
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Welcome newtothis. Glad you've decided to reclaim your life.

We all heal & mend at different rates. It took me a few months to feel really good, but I had been a heavy drinker for many years. My body was in a state of shock for a while, but every day I felt a little bit better. Be kind and patient with yourself - you'll get there. Congratulations on this wonderful decision you've made.
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Welcome newtothis

Like Hevyn say we all heal at varying rates - for me the insomnia took a week or two...the mind fog actually took a few months...

but I hope your experience will be very much shorter

The support here helps a lot. Glad to have you here

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Hiya, I slept better sober so can't answer that one. Brain fog for a month, irritability for up to 6 weeks, motivation started coming back then and now at 10 weeks I rarely have a bad day and mostly feel great. It's so good, I'm so happy! U gotta push forward, u won't feel like this for long (even tho it feels that way at the time). All the best
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i had to have medication for my insomnia. i'm at 4.5 months and i simply will not sleep. i can stay awake for days. with my medication (nothing like Ambien...i was hooked on that stuff and abused the mess out of it. i'm lucky i didn't kill myself on it. i used to Ambien surf.)

my fog lifted pretty thoroughly by the fourth week or so. where i am now i feel amazing. i just started a new job and am able to remember almost everything i'm being taught. i'm learning almost through osmosis it seems. i feel like i'm making up for all those years that i was unable to do anything. i'm absorbing everything they give me and coming back for more, more, more! the longer i'm sober, the clearer i am mentally. i'm better able to read people around me and respond appropriately to social situations which is amazing. that all started happening around the first month. it's like a snowball. once it gets rolling it keeps rolling and getting even better.

motivation took a while longer. it took me well into my second month for me to really start feeling motivated to get my life moving forward again. actually, it probably took around my third month before i started getting restless to get moving forward. by then, my sobriety was feeling pretty solid and i started feeling the pull of everyday life calling to me. but it was important to take those three months for me and my sobriety. it's ok to not feel motivated to get out and go. take that time to solidly plant and care for the seed of sobriety you have. it's small and tender and it needs so much care. work on it and devote yourself to it. by the time you're ready to start on life again, your sobriety should be strong enough to support you through that decision. just make sure you take time growing it.
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Hi, I've been "lurking" around SR for weeks (and finding it very helpful, I must say), but am motivated by this thread to post for the first time.

I just want to point out that it's dangerous to generalize about the withdrawal / post-acute withdrawal process because it can vary quite significantly from person to person. One reason is that for many people, it can get much worse the more times you sober up and relapse.

The first time I tried to quit 7 years ago, I had no withdrawal symptoms at all. By 3 or 4 years ago, they were at about the level which seems to be the "median" of what I've read -- day 3 or 4 was worst.

Fast forward to today: I'm 63 days sober, and I've had only the briefest of respites from debilitating brain fog, memory lapses, coordination impairment (you should see me trying to type this), and unrelenting insomnia. I'm loving being sober, but at times I get frustrated to the point of despair with how slowly my functionality is returning.

The moral of my story is (other than a warning not to generalize about what someone "should" expect): once you decide to quit drinking, try like heck to get it right the first time!
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Welcome to SR.

I'm on day 24. I started to sleep better at about 10 days, the fog lifted at about 2 weeks.Sadly,still feel irritable,nervous and gloomy so good to hear this lifted for others at4-6weeks.I'm just trying to accept it,keep busy,exercise and keep moving forward

Congrats on making a great decision
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By 1 year, I felt really great. Really, by 6 months all was so much better!

A small amount of time in the whole picture of my drinking history. Doable. Not easy, but doable.

Stay strong and stay stopped, it all gets better and better!
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As others have said, we recover at different rates because we are all different. There is no way to predict how you will improve. The main thing is to stay focused on your recovery.
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