new and need help

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new and need help

hello all, i am a cocaine user and need help. i was sober for about year, after my life competely spiralled out of control bc of cocaine.

i use less frequently now, but i still use and i just want to stop. its painful and i would love to talk to anyone about how i can become sober
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Originally Posted by beatricenyc View Post
hello all, i am a cocaine user and need help. i was sober for about year, after my life competely spiralled out of control bc of cocaine.

i use less frequently now, but i still use and i just want to stop. its painful and i would love to talk to anyone about how i can become sober
First off Welcome to you Beatricenyc!

I am a addict of many types, still am always will be a addict, but I just don't use today. I can tell you from my own personal life experiences that once you are sick enough about how it is destroying your life, you will than take whatever necessary steps you have to in order not to use.

don't go around people that you use with, don't even answer the phone, it isn't being rude, but you must avoid them cause they will draw you back in quickly.

If you do meetings than you should do that. come here and post that saved my azzz for a lot of years.

Read some books about the disease of addiction don't have to be AA or NA but I would suggest you start with those. They are programed to get us out of addiction and into recovery.

Pray...even if you don't believe in it do it anyways it does help.

Talk to someone everyday that knows what you are going through. Just like now although the person to person is much better when you can look into someones eyes.

Hope you the best and if ya need anyone to talk with I am usually around
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You have to accept that you are an addict and that you can never take another line or drug again. Just for today.

Untill you have that then you won't stay stopped imo. Ain't easy even when you do admit and takes a lot of sacrifices/life changes but if sobriety is what you want then it just has to be done.

I am an alcoholic but also was a total Coke head too thus an addict. I would abuse any substance if given the chance. Though booze was/is my ultimate vice. Booze enabled my drug use.
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((Beatricenyc)) - welcome to SR!

I'm a recovering crack addict..just got 3 years clean this week.

I had gotten clean, once, then went back to using "occasionally". I did that for a while, but eventually relapsed and hit a bottom worse than the one before. BTW, I did crack 24/7 when I was active.

I quit when I finally got tired of the consequences piling up on me, and when getting high just wasn't enough any more. Every time I got high, the coming down part was horrible...I was so full of guilt/shame/remorse, etc. I would be almost suicidal.

When I quit and the thoughts of using again would come up, I would think back to the times AFTER the high...the depressed/suicidal times. I found a few supportive people, I stayed on SR a lot. I don't hang around people who use.

It can be done, but you have to want it bad. It's worth it though, it really is.

Hugs and prayers!

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Welcome and glad that your here. Myself being an recovery addict. It's the obsession that I get when I use. I saw no other way out but to get help for it. Once I receive and still is receiving help I was then able to stop. Because I wanted recovery I wanted to stop. As time went on I learn that no matter what I do not have to use anymore.
Your on the right track, keep coming back. And I wish you the best.
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Hi and Welcome,

I have no personal experience with cocaine, but I know you will find support and information here.
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your story sounds familiar... cocaine messed up my life and i quit for a while, then went back to using only if the oppurtunity came up.. like if it was around or someone called me up & offered it to me. i justified using by thinking that if i wasnt seeking it i wasnt addicted to it anymore. eventually i started getting into it heavy again & realized that i had to stop. i want to reinforce what chance said; you CAN NOT be around it or people/places that remind you of it. studies have shown that even people who have been clean 10+ years had urges if they were even in the vicinity of a house/neighborhood/etc where they used to do cocaine. i have only been clean a little over 2 years and i definitely know this to be true... any reminder gives me an immediate urge. i dont want to discourage you- its completely doable no matter how frequent or strong the urges are once you have found something that works for you, and if you keep your reasons for wanting to quit in the forefront of your mind it makes it alot easier. someone also said that you have to remember the coming down & the consequences, and that is also one thing that really helped me to quit. i think people tend to only think about the euphoria when we want to use but if you can manage to think about the catastrophic consequences you have experienced directly resulting from your use, it will obviously seem much less appealing. find some support & figure out what works for you... take it one day at a time & never give up on yourself. best of luck
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yes that is one of the things that separates drugs from alcohol for me personally. with drugs I can/could see through them and remember the coming down and that the high would be gone in 10 minutes or so. Also the fact that the pain in my sinuses/nose would be really bad for months afterwards, literally. Still f*cked now over 8 months sober/clean.
This is what quickly takes any thoughts o drug use quickly away.

BUT with booze I still struggle to remember the hangovers as such because of the fact with booze another drink upon waking and I would be OK and off again. As soon as I was drunk however then any negative affects of drugs were forgetten and all I could think about was the buzz/euphoria, comedown didn't come into my mind as i would just drink through it.

Just for today I don't drink or take drugs.
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Same Its been just over a year since my last line and i still suffer sinus problems/ My septum (middle part between my nostrils) is paper thin, a few more months of coke and i reckon i would have had a hole. Its scary. That is what has stopped me from finding more coke dealers in my new area.
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there is a group called cocaine anonymous
hope you'll look into it
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welcome beatricenyc

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