I'm new here. A Struggling alcoholic

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Question I'm new here. A Struggling alcoholic

My addiction is alcohol. I want to stop but it's hard to do. I cant do it alone that's why i joined. I dont want to be a drunk but it's part of me. It's a part of that wont seem to go away. A part of me who i dont like. It's not easy for me.I want to stop why do i go back to drinking.Even when i tell myself no.I do it anyways.i'm here for help support and maybe new friends.
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Hi sweetlibra


I really know how you feel - I spent 20 years moving one pace forward and 5 paces back with my alcoholism.

I didn't want to drink - but it was, literally, all I knew how to do.

Sad? Angry? Confused? Drink.
Happy? Drink.
Bored? Drink.

I had to accept first that I was an alcoholic and accept that every drink was damaging me physically and emotionally. I had to realise every drink dug me deeper into my rut, and every single time I drank I was opening the door to all the bad stuff we both know about.

That was hard to do.

I then had to learn to live with life - and be sober doing it.

That was even harder.

But this is a great bunch of people - you're not alone.
You'll find a lot of help, support and suggestions here.

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HI--I have been exactly where your at before so many times--I can honestly say there is hope in recovery because I've found it first hand--Alcoholism is an allergy of the body and obsession of the mind--I had to get a sponsor to guide me thru the process of recovery--I couldn't differentiate the true from the false very well so I had to take action and try a new "Solution" called The 12 Steps--I faced some difficult truths with the help of AA--We don't have to do recovery alone--There is help here--Just get out of your head and walk the straight and narrow if SOBREITY is where you want to go--May God Bless you and Keep you until then......
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Welcome to SR Libra.

I came here for the same reason as you last year and I did get lots of support here and did make a couple of online friends that I chat with daily.
It has been my sole source of support.
You are in the right place.
Good luck.
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Hi Libra, Welcome! I found this site on February 16, at the time I didn't know I was going to make the decision to stop drinking that night ( i found the site before I poured my first drink of the night)....After reading here for about an hour, I jumped in with both feet....and thankfully I have been sober for the last 13 days....(after drinking almost every Day for 25 years).

all I can tell you is that my strength and resolve to stay sober grows a little every day, I'm kind of like a seedling plant....The *gardeners* at SR are very nurturing and the *soil* is rich with support and guidance.
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Hi and Welcome!
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Welcome to SR! It might be a good idea to talk to your doctor about wanting to quit drinking. Medical supervision can make your detox safe and more comfortable. I hope you can find the support and information you need to start on a new and better sober life.:ghug3
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Welcome. I've felt exactly like you do. The good news is, you don't have to be a drunk anymore. You don't.

Please stick close to SR. Keep reading and posting!
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Welcome. We are here and completely understand!
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Welcome to SR Libra ~

You aren't alone.

Alcohol 'appears' to be a familiar friend while its goal is to overtake you. You don't have to let it.

The unknown is always scary - I remember feeling terrified about the absence of alcohol in my life and wondering what quality of life could I have without it? It wants you to feel this fear so that you continue to rely on it.

Only when I got so sick and tired (and I mean physically/emotionally sick) of living the way I was, it was time to surrender. Best thing I ever did in my life.

Is it easy? Hell no - not always. Is it worth it? Hell yes - always.

You're in good company. Look forward to hearing more from you. Take care.
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Welcome to SR and you can do it. This just might be your time. Don't give up and don't ever think that being a drunk is your identity. It isn't. You will heal. Find the place within that says you will reach as far as you have to but you will NOT drink. You will do whatever it takes not to drink. If SR doesn't cut it for you then find a face to face recovery group. Whatever it takes.
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Hi and welcome!!

As many others have said, you will find a lot of people here who understand what you are going through and can offer a world of support. Though these have already been raised here, I think it's worth re-iterating a few points that I have found to be especially true:

1.) Alcohol is not a part of your identity. It really isn't. In any way.

2.) I LOVE what HumbleBee said: It is easy? Hell no - not always. It is worth it? Hell YES - always. And that's the bottom line! It is always worth it.

Hang around and talk to us and get some ideas and support. You can do whatever you choose, and I hope you find yourself on a sober path. It's worth it. I wish you much luck and happiness.
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