The money you save

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The money you save

just thought of all the money i will be saving not buying all that beer hasn t even crossed my mind till know may be extra vacation any ideas
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Go ask the Multivax
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Thrift Stores. :-)
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I think you should come and visit Canada. We love tourists here.
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I figured I was spending $40.00 a week just for wine at sure does add up to saving a the price of monthly Gas/Electric or the Cable/Internet bill every month.

if you have the ability to take your booze $$ and throw it in a separate place (where it won't get spent)....there are great deals for travel everywhere these days....Travelzoodotcom is one of my favorite places to look.
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Originally Posted by Fubarcdn View Post
I think you should come and visit Canada. We love tourists here.

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The amount of money I spent I think is trivial,.....

peace of mind adds up to much more to me.

Not to mention the emptiness I used to feel, gone.

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Oh it's incredible the money i'm saving. In my drug addiction towards the end i was spending 100% of my cash to support my habit. Now i get to buy new clothes, eat out occasionally, buy a book. I went out of town for the weekend and went to a concert, ate out, stayed in a decent hotel. What fun it was! Before, i had neither the money or the inclination to leave my town, as i couldn't be more than a few minutes away from my dealer at all times. What a difference.
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I don't even want to admit how much money I was spending on alcohol! The last 2 months since I have been in recovery I have SO MUCH MORE MONEY! It's the same thing when I quit smoking 6 years ago; since quitting that little game, drinking slowly eased up (as it does) on the importance scale and assumed the controls of the finances (and everything else, for that matter).

All I will admit to here is that quitting drinking has been my own financial stimulus plan - and it sure has helped!
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With all of my money saved, I plan to treat myself to dinner at a fancy restaurant once a month (assuming I can keep this up).
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