My Day 90

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My Day 90

Well, today is my Day 90. Earlier on, after quitting, I wasn't paying that much attention to the days, but now I am happy to be able to say I have hit a milestone. I was coming in here only once a week or two, but in the last couple of days have posted a number of messages already. I guess there is an instinct at work there, to keep going.

I won't tell a lot about my story right here, I find that I tell my story as I go along. One thing I have noticed about myself over the years is that I tend to be better at coaching others than looking after myself. A kind of coaching is part of my career path in a way, so maybe that is a manifestation of it. But I know I have lots to learn and keep learning. If I had to sum up in few words what my addiction experience is, I guess it would be fear and medicating it with a false friend. Lack of good self-image is another way to put it. I knew it a long time and just kept ignoring it, and took false comfort in the false friend. Glad I am facing what I need to and believing I deserve better, like so many people.

Thanks for all the support and I hope others will get something good out of me too!
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Congratulations on 90 days!!!

Hugs and prayers!

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I'm glad you're with us and finding the support here helpful.

Congrats on 90 days!
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Toronto, congrats on your 90 days - that is a real accomplishment! Glad you're hanging out here more often.

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grats on 3 months
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Congrats on 90 days Toronto, feels pretty good doesnt' it?
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Congratulations on yr 90 days Toronto

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Congrats and hugs on reaching 90 days sober! Sure feels good to wake up sober, doesn't it?
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From a fellow Torontonian I will add my congratulations on 90 days too.

I find coming here often helps me keep on track.
Keep up the good work.
Go Leafs Go.
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Nice one on 90!

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Good for you!
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Everybody, thanks for all the support. It does feel good generally, mostly emotionally. Around the time I stopped I had begun a project, and to force me to encourage myself, I wrote down a list of things I had accomplished thus far, no matter how small they were or silly they sounded. When I let myself do that, I was able to get a few dozen items on the list, then a week later another dozen. Buried inside the list was quitting drinking and I put next to it "(huge accomplishment)". LOL. Yeah, huge enough to deserve a list all of its own.

I think I need to be more physically active, and will add that to my things to focus on. So that I am able to make the right adjustments and get good sleep. (My insomnia is back, and I don't sleep for about 3 hours and don't even feel the desire to head to bed, so that is a problem to deal with.)

I feel lucky to have grabbed on to the moment I stopped. So I still have my little lists to remind myself of what meant something to me when I stopped, and have opened them up a few times. And yes, I also come in here to stay focused.

Thank you
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Congratulations, T-Dot!

Glad to see you made it 90 days!
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Way to go T.O.!

Keep it going. It gets better!
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as i am on day ONE i find your story inspirational and hope i can get that far. congrats!
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Originally Posted by Fandy View Post
as i am on day ONE i find your story inspirational and hope i can get that far. congrats!
You can Fandy. You just have to want it. Congrats to you!
Don't think that far out. I remember when I first got sober and saying there's no way i can go months or weeks or a single week. I'll be celebrating one year March 6th.

It really is one day at a time.

Both of you.
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Fandy, I'm really happy you said that. (At least I think you are referring to my blurb.) Something I said must have made you think "I understand." Just think, I am only one person, there are so many others that feel the same things. You're not on your own in that. You want this for yourself, and I do too. Maybe keep telling yourself that as often as you have to, each day, no huge mountains to climb in your reflections. Click through the pages here when you can. Whatever works to take life back. Times flies as it is, you can get to the next day over and over again.
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Congrats on that 90 day milestone!
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