Thankyou to all at SR.

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Wink Thankyou to all at SR.

I was thinking of you guys earlier, while my gf got drunk, and so did I.
I would like to say that I value everything I read here at SR, you guys are probably better than AA in my mind. I can check in to SR ANYTIME, and read other people's stories.

Hear me out....
I've been drinking light beer lately, which means im no longer part of the 'pink cloud' group. I really know I have a problem, and I want to do something about it. But I've also been a rich kid for years, and have never seen the point in having a job (hate me hahahah), but recently, I've discovered the joys of being employed, and now, I can't stand to sit around and do nothing!!!! so...

Now I want to join the military (please dont judge), I'm a beast for adrenaline, and since I've been serving my time on my DUI (oct 2009) I just want to be doing good things. (please leave out army negativeness.... or comment if u will, I just want to be engaged in action all the time)

Anyway.... I want to keep this short... I've been drinking light beer for a while now, and been having a great time, but I know that the key to a happy life is NOT DRINKING AT ALL.

I just wanted to check in here, to let you guys know, that I ****** up.

I can offer no insperation, I can offer no story, but I know that one day I want to be alcohol free, but right now, I am not strong enough, but I still want to be HERE. I realise my problem, and so this was just to let you guys realise that I'm not ignoring SR. If anything, thankyou for all the help you guys gave me, and I wish you all another 24. please forgive me for not being as strong as the rest of you... you all give me strength..\



PS... that's from the bottom of my heart
and the top
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It took me 20 years to get to the jumping off point Original...but I had to go down pretty far to be ready tho...

don't be like me, ok?
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My friend's in the army, he's 27 and getting married next month, nice guy...not a drunk or an alchie like us though. As long as you don't expect the army to solve all your problems it would be a positive step IMO, if you do eventually it will be an inevitable train wreck for you and all that are close to you at some point, maybe you will be able to keep it going until you drop ensuring a thoroughly miserable existence for all concerned...

Lite beer, man i went to the 17 years see my Uncle in Florida, i was 21 and in full swing drinking wise, i always loved miller lite as it was in all the US films so i would always drink that in the UK, i couldn't for the life of me understand how i could have drunk 20 cans and not feel a little drunk when i was visting my Uncle...then realised that over there the lite beers are light, as in a minute percentage compared to the UK version that are lite beers by about 3 to 4%...i was not a happy bunny that night at all and was fairly sober and very bloateed, lite beers psshhh;-)

Disclaimer - i am not advocating drinking!
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I want a life that is not, dinking.
Thanks man, I know its ****.
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Well good luck. Just keep in mind a few things:

A DUI requires at least one year from the date of conviction and a waiver from the recruiter before you can enlist.

If you continue drinking in the military and get a DUI that means bad stuff, like there is a good chance of a dishonorable or less than honorable discharge depending on the circumstance.

I would solve the alcohol problems before you join the military if you can get in, you will have some time to do that, I would also start doing things which demonstrate that you have rehabilitated yourself that you can prove when you fill out the paperwork for your waiver for enlistment. DUI precludes you from AF, Coast Guard, and Marines unfortunately. Enlisting in the fall will give you a better chance at getting a waiver as the recruiters get a flood of new guys coming out of HS in the summer/spring time.

Good luck. If you are an alcoholic drinking some of the time will eventually not work. But that is something one must find out on their own, it doesn't sound like you have hit bottom yet.
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andy, i was behind Dee

good wishes to you
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When I went in the Sir Force that was a 6 week stint of sobriety while I was in basic. The military can be a very good thing for many people, it can also be a God send for an alcoholic............... If the alcoholic ask to be put in rehab before they get into to much trouble.

When I was in drinking was a HUGE part of military life and I fit right in with the hard drinkers and alcoholics. Today the military is quite different, do not get me wrong there is still a lot of drinking going on........... BUT if one gets into trouble due to thier drinking one can get into a ton of trouble unless they get into rehab.

Last I heard the military has some excellent rehabs and some great AA.
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All the best to you Andy and good luck in your new career choice.
Moderation my very well work for you. Just remain vigilant.
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Hi Andy, there is nothing to forgive. You are where you are right now.

We are here while you are thinking about quitting and when you are ready to quit.

This is a great support site for all
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Thanks guys, I was rediculously frustrated last night, and just had to say what I had to say... I'm not even a citizen of Canada, so I can't join for at least 3 years... plenty of time to sort out this inner mess.

Just glad you guys are here to be honest, and Dee, I really don't want to wait 20 years...
The frustration has been building up in me for a while, so instead of going out and doing something stupid, I posted on here, and thanks for listening... it really helped. Don't have many to talk to in 'regular life', everyone just keeps saying 'work with what you've got and be patient'...

So just thanks!
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