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i've done my almost
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I live in the Atlanta GA area (northeast of the city).

It actually snowed here last night and we had about 1/4 of an inch on the ground this morning. B/c we're not used to the snow and ice, most of us went into work late today.

While I was waiting for my carpool ride this morning, I went outside and played with my dog in the snow. I took pictures of his paw prints, of deer tracks, of our rental house, 360 panoramic shots, all with the beautiful snow in the background. I drank coffee. I enjoyed the morning.

It didn't hit me all of a sudden, but I was gradually aware of a sense of peace. I was living in the moment. I was living in the precious present.

Had I been drinking/drugging, it would have went more like this... I'd drink more the night before just b/c I may not have to be at work at my normal time. I'd wake up hungover. I'd then smoke bud in the morning before I went outside to "enjoy" the snow, then stress about if I was still high or too high to then go to work. I'd basically be thinking about last night (the past) and already worried and stressed about going to work (the future). I would not be "enjoying" the moment.

When we drink/drug we are incapable of living in the moment, even though we think we are doing just that. Only when we give ourselves a daily reprieve from our addictions are we able to live in the present. The precious present.

Just wanted to share.
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Nice post! We had a late start for work yesterday and I'd forgotten that had that happened back inmy drinking days I too would of stocked up on booze in preparation for the bad weather then be hung over.
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Great post Kjell. Never really thought about it like that before but i guess you're right... An alcoholic/addict can never just "enjoy" the moment as thoughts of where the next beer/hit is coming from are always present and also the behaviour has so many repercusions that constant worry and forward planning is required ie- will be bed-ridden tomorrow etc or won't be able to go to work because I will still be wrecked or too ill etcetc. Your post also took me back to my Marijuana days, I can totally relate to that feeling of Worry about being too high. I used to get anxious and paranoid about stuff like that when smoking Bud so I sort of cut it out and just got into E's and Coke and favourite medicine of all BOOZE. I loved booze cause when i was drinking I didn't care about anything or anyone really.

Peace ps- Very snowy in UK at the moment. Last year when we had snow I was drinking 8.4% cider at 8.00AM and voomitting in the kitchen sink just through the smell of it. Man I was in a mess. Glad to be out of that crap now.
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Great post, Kjell!

When I knew I had to stop drinking, I couldn't imagine finding anything in my life to be happy about. But, like you, everywhere I looked, I began to see things in a different light.
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Very nice post, thank you! Do you remember a book by **** Ram Dass, I think it was, titled "Be Here Now"? Good little phrase I use at times when I'm getting all wrapped up in "stuff." I just tell myself, Be Here NOW and it seems to help!


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This is a great post. I saw myself in this post. Thanks for the perspective. It reminded me to go outside today and enjoy the crappy weather.
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Forward we go...side by side-Rest In Peace
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Your 1st. recovery snow is an event to be remembered...

I now live NW of Atlanta ...spent many years "Up Noerth"

My neighbor...never lived anywhere but Dallas GA
was really excited about our snow.
She said it equaled the blizzard of 93.
I .... I was then living in FL
I sure did not see a blizzard around Dallas.

: for sharing your positive morning
Hope the photos turn out super!
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