Small Victory!!

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Living in the moment!
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Small Victory!!

Day 7 and I am feeling UN-usually good!! My energy level is incredible.......I have been sorting through cluttered spots in the house that have been there for a while......also back to cooking fantastic meals (I love to cook!)

Went scuba diving with dear hubby and the dive club today! It was a fantastic sun-shiny day!! On the 1 hour boat ride out with the sun on the the water was the most amazing time for me to talk to my HP!!

The water was a bit chilly but hanging out on the boat was exactly what I needed today!! Usually after the dive, the captain invites everyone back to his villa for a full open bar with unlimited drinks!! Small victory: Today, I felt good about passing up the offer for FREE booze!! Before, I couldn't wait for the diving to be over so I could get to the drinking!!!

Wow, I am really living in the moment and digging it!! \

Thank you so much for reading!!! SR has been
very beneficial in my journey so far!!!
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That's awesome Inside!! So glad you had a great day too.

Where the heck are you at? I'm here in Florida and it's WAY TOO cold here to go near any body of water, LOL!!!!
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Don't resist, allow
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Amazing......feels good doesn't it?

My house too gets cluttered when I am drinking. It looks a bit like my mind.
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Living in the moment!
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Hey Vegibean,

I am in the middle east, it was 75 today....we were just talking this morning about how cold it is in Florida!! Sure hope is doesn't ruin any crops!!
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InsideOut that is awesome, congrats on the 7 days!

I love it when some one shares just how awesome it is doing things sober!

I remember my biggest fear of getting sober was of just how horribly boring life was going to be sober!

OMG I was so wrong, it was as though I had started to LIVE life.

When I was drinking looking back life was merely me existing to where I could drink.

Kepp in mind that if one hangs at a beauty parlor long enough eventually they may wind up getting thier hair done. The same applies top bars I have heard from many a person that has relapsed.
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I guess AA groups vary by region Taz. Here in South Dakota, we say "if you hang out at the barber shop long enough, you will wind up getting a haircut." haha.

Congrats on your victory Inside! One day at a time.
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Originally Posted by bdiddy5522 View Post
I guess AA groups vary by region Taz. Here in South Dakota, we say "if you hang out at the barber shop long enough, you will wind up getting a haircut." haha..
HAhA!! My thoughts exactly! Are you listening in on the women's meetings Taz? lol

Grats to you InsideOut!
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Well ok then!!! Hee hee.........

Yep, sure has been chilly here in Sunny Florida.
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That is so awesome!

I too love to cook, and bake. You have made me want to pick up baking again.
Thank you.

In fact my son is having a birthday in 6 days, and now I full intentions to make his b-day cake. (something I havent done in a while, usually just went to the bakery and bought it, to busy being self absorbed.)
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Insideout - bravo. Your post really helps me by showing me someone not drinking and living life! Keep it up! I'm so jealous that you can be diving this time of year.

I also plan on giving my house a total cleaning this weekend. The filth I've been living in.....
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Congratulations on 7 days!

Isn't it great to actually feel? Feeling something besides the misery, shame, anger, sadness, loneliness, etc that we felt when using. I've been Clean & Sober for nearly 4 & 1/2 years, yet I can still remember how I felt when I was using. . . and I never want to forget it. I need to remember how that felt.

Please remember that you're going to have days where you feel the complete opposite of how you're feeling now. That's completely normal. On those days, think of all the things you have to be grateful for. Know that you will feel on top of the world again. Early Recovery is an emotional rollercoaster. Even today when I have blah days, I feel that it's my addiction trying to call me back. This disease is very powerful, as I'm sure you well know. It hates to lose someone to Recovery! It will try to find anyway to get you back into it's grip. But stay strong!

Are you going to any Meetings? I can't stress how important Meetings are, especially to someone new in Recovery. It's great to have a support system with Family & Friends, but it's also very important to have people who are also in Recovery to share with. Get a bunch of other women's phone numbers. I had to pretty much force myself to call at least one of those women every day so when I needed to talk to someone, I at least had some type of relationship with them already in the making. When you're wanting to use, having feelings that you don't understand, going through a rough time, that phone weighs a thousand pounds. By getting to know other women in Recovery, before a crisis arises, makes it a lot easier to call someone.

Again, congratulations on your decision to LIVE! As Taz said, Recovery is far from being boring! I'm having the time of my life, even if I'm just sitting at home on my computer like I am now. There's none of that madness anymore!

God Bless,
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I'm glad things are going so well InsideOut! :bounce

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That is AWESOME! You sound so happy and I am happy for you...xx
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Congrats InsideOut! Keep it going strong, 2010 is your year!
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Forward we go...side by side-Rest In Peace
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Good to know you are moving forward....
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