I want to meet some acrtive AA members in Atlanta

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I want to meet some acrtive AA members in Atlanta

I have not been to AA in many many years, but I HAVE TO GO BACK this is not a choice anymore it is a necessity. Even with NA & AA in the past I only got to 30 days 4 times and then I was clean 8.5 months while pregnant DIDNT TOUCH A THING.
I am basically looking for some AA regulars here in the Atlanta, East Cobb area, to let me know of good meetings...I am a 33 year old female with a great husband, happy marriage, 3 year old daughter, I dont usually connect with other woman as well as I do with guys, that is why it was so hard my first couple times around to find a sponser and I only had 1 for about a week then I gave up b/c she sounded great was an old timer and I would call her and she wouls say she wasnt sure she was in the right place to sponsor someone at that time, and as I am also not a big phone person as much as I can go on for days on email.

She also wasnt a big talker so it was a lot of iuncomfortable silence when I did take an hour prepping to make the call I would call and then about 5 minutes later of mainly silence the call was over. I have not worked for a year (not using related just random surgery causing me to lose my job and then the economy so not bieng able to find a job in my tiny highly competetive industry in all this time which has left me emptionally broken and stressed about losing our home, and leaving me with a lot of time for my disease to progress to the point I crossed a line I never thought I would.

I and have been on the needle (althugh I never thouch it until alcohol is in my system and I dont care anymore so I think or know that is my main problem) for a few months and stopped yesterday and did it again this morning, in one of those sub conscious overdrive modes. I really dont know how it happened, this is why I know to make it out alive this time I need NA and I need some connections and this help or I wont go without being 150% prepared like knowing if its a good meeting (I know for me right now any meeting would be good) I am just trying to meet some people to maybe give me some local advice, and well I am sure you know. This is a great site and I would appreciate meeting people on here that live in my are that are active in AA to help me get there. I know I will only walk through those doors but I also need help!
Thank you...hope to get to know some Atlantans!
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Here's a meeting locator and website for AA in the Atlanta area Alcoholics Anonymous
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I live in Buford and attend the Cumming Group in Cumming GA. It's great b/c they have 4 - 5 meetings every day of the year.

I'm currently doing 90 meetings in 90 days and b/c I can't drive, I have to reach out a lot for help and I've never been turned down. It's really a great group.
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That is impressive, Cumming is a little ways from me in E. Cobb/marietta and I am really looking for day meeting (right now) until hopfully I pray I become employed again, as my family needs it so very badly, anyway that is good news and please feel free to PM me and keep in touch.

It is nice to know that there are people in the same sit close by.

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I'm from Atlanta (live in Ansley/downtown area) and I'm starting my recovery process as well. My problem was opiates mostly but alcohol always seemed to lead to using so this time I'm giving up that as well and thinking of going to AA in addition to NA.

I've only been to one NA meeting so far so I can't really help you as far as finding meetings but hopefully someone will be along soon to give us both suggestions. I tried using the NA meeting locator but all the meetings near me were in kind of bad areas...I went to one but seemed like most of the people there were pretty down and out...a few homeless, probably none went to college, etc. I don't have anything against these people but I also feel like I can't relate to them as well as I would like. I'm a college student from an affluent background so I'm in a slightly different spot -- never been really strung out, on the street, etc. I'm thinking of trying some AA meetings since maybe those people will be a little less "hardcore" than the people I met in NA. Just trying to find a place I fit in better I guess.

Let me know if you find any good meetings and I'll do the same. Good luck on your recovery!
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