So this is all it took to get my head on straight?

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So this is all it took to get my head on straight?

Hey all! Haven't posted in awhile, but just wanted to say . . . wow. Sobriety is a kicker. Today is day 39, and on day 33, I spontaneously put my two weeks notice in at a job that has made me miserable for 6 years. SIX YEARS!!!! The work environment is a huge trigger. When I am there, involuntary thoughts of "You're gonna drink tonight!" hop into my head due to my many years of conditioned response and also the high-stress situations push my buttons like crazy. Ahhh! Only a week and a half left!! This change, I know, is a direct side effect of being sober. I am unwilling to continue being unhappy doing something now that my mind is clear. I didn't have any other job prospects, but really am living on the idea "Jump and the net will appear!"

I feel amazing about this choice and am exploring so many other job options that I wouldn't have even considered before . . . Though my stomach has been tied in knots for about 3 days now, I'm putting all of my energy into staying positive and optimistic! I still feel the fear late at night when the urges strike me most (generally after leaving previously referenced job), but if this was going to be easy, people wouldn't drink themselves into the grave, right? If this was going to be easy, I wouldn't have failed at it so many times before, right? If this was going to be easy, I wouldn't feel so much satisfaction simply completing a day sober, right?

Ahhhh to feel true freedom, one must fight an honest fight. Cheers to the many lovely changes we all have ahead, and cheers to all the lovely battles we have fought to get to today

Much love to you all! Stay sane and sober.

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Sounds like you're doing very well, I'm happy to hear you're putting some distance between yourself and an unhealthy work atmosphere.

Thanks for sharing such a positive message!
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Hear hear! Thanks from me too and keep it up. Sounds like you are heading the right way. I've had a stressful day at work too and yes, the thought is there, but I won't.
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SUPERCHEERS! Life's too short to subject yourself to such Toxic Environments!

I was at a high power/high stress job for over 5 years that eventually drove me to a nervous breakdown....I wish I had had your guts and just quit, instead I went on stress leave, then maternity leave, and just didn't go back there after - found something else, only slightly less toxic - hence my current drinking problem. I'm on sober day 6, maybe by Day 39 i'll be able to kick this one too!
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Thanks all!! Welcome Falshy!! Congrats on Day 6! It is worth it (that's what I keep telling myself!)!!! Seriously, this job . . . ugh. Leaving is a HUGE stepping stone for me in breaking my "ties that bind" . . . Let me tell you, people are nearly falling off their chairs when I tell them I put my notice in . . . I've become a cornerstone to our establishment over the years. Man, it feels so good. I feel like Julie Andrews singing from the mountaintops in the Sound of Music or something . . .

Getting sober for good is pretty scary for me to fathom, so I just keep taking it one milli-second at a time. And I keep putting one foot in front of the other in the direction I want to go in and away from the path I've been on for so, so long. I figure that if I keep doing this, one day I'll look up, and I'll be so far away from the ugly road I was on and firmly planted on the road I am meant to be on . . . and no longer saying what I've been saying for too many years, "This is not the life I'm meant to live." I know it will take time, but every day I get closer to realizing my goals. Every little step and even the big ones, like quitting this job, liberate me from the ties that bind and prove to me what I am capable of doing without alcohol in my life. I am finally starting to fill my potential. Something I have not even scratched the surface of doing in the last ten years living in a bottle.

Cheers to day 6 and every other day everyone else is on . . . May we all have the strength to get through today in order to lay our heads down tonight and thank the universe for helping us get through another day sober!!

I really want to click on a little star to put in here, but they're so kind of creepy lol
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I'm glad that you are finding positive ways to change your life.

It's surprising how your perspective can change when you begin to live a sober life. I think that every change has a ripple effect.
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Glad to hear you are doing well!

Sobriety Really Does Rock!
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That's great news! I'm glad you're doing so well...and thank you for such an uplifting post! It's inspiring!
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