I'm home

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Welcome back!!
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not little, a stranger no more
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Welcome back, this is a great news! Even if don't comment often I read a lot of your posts
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Welcome home sweetie. I am glad you went and got a new perspective. I never wanted a 12 step program to be my answer. I fought it for YEARS and failed miserably on my own. Now I have worked the 12 steps and I have a life that I never dreamed was possible. I am no longer a prisoner. I am free. You can be too!!
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Aysha, your back!!!!!

I just saw your post on Vegibeans thread and went searching for yours.

Congratulations to YOU!

I have always maintained that there is a 99.9% emotional reason why people abuse substances. After I sobered up I found out through my Dr. that I had an anxiety disorder. Whaaat? ya mean it's not normal to feel like this all the time...all day everyday....for as long as I can remember? I really didn't want to take anti anxiety medication (why I don't know) but I filled my script and Man! what a difference. Now when I feel anxiety It's situational, anxiety that anyone would feel given the same situation. The difference now is, as the meds do their work leveling out my brain chemistry, I am able to deal with the situation in doing what needs to be done to fix it, or let it go within a short period of time once I have processed it if I can't fix it, thereby learning new coping skills. In the past, I drank to avoid the problem by drinking.

I am really happy to hear that you received a diagnosis Aysha as nutty as that may sound, but (IMHO) you are ON YOUR WAY to a clean lifestyle. Now you can truly begin working on YOU without all the other noise interfering with your progress!

Boy, do you have a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving "eh?" (we already had our Thanksgiving)

Congratulations again Aysha and on finally being able to get on with the life you aspire to and for the tenacity you have shown in getting to bottom of all of this. I like not accepting NO as an answer for ourselves...
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