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New to this site

Hi everyone. I am a recoverying alkie/addict. My nickname is KC. I can't wait to get to know everyone. This forum is amazing. I belonged to a different board for a while and then moved and haven't found a new cyber community. I am a married old lady with a few 24 hours in AA. It will be so nice to have this site as a tool.
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Welcome KC

I know you'll find this a supportive place - good to have you with us

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Originally Posted by FanofJoeMcQ View Post
This forum is amazing.
Ain't it though? Welcome, KC! I'm glad to meet you!

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I hope you will find as much support as I have found here. There are lots of amazing folks that I can relate to and have been through (or are going through) the same things I am. Today is the end of day 20 for me. Tomorrow will be 3 weeks!! That's the longest I have gone without a drink in YEARS!

Hope to hear lots more from you!
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Glad you joined us. This is a wonderful community. And we can always use more wisdom.
Hope to see more of you.
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Wow, this place is awesome. Thanks for the warm welcomes so FAST. I will get around to figuring out how to post my sober time and stuff. I came around as a teen, relapsed and made it back, barely into the rooms of AA in 96. Its been a wonderful ride.
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Hello and welcome.
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Pleased to meet you, KC. This place literally saved my life. I'm so glad you found us, and we look forward to hearing more of your story.
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This is a great forum and I'm glad you found us.
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Welcome, KC..and nice to meet you! I find this place invaluable.
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Thanks. I am posting in abundance, so I can meet the quota and add a signature...giggling. Thanks everyone.
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Welcome to SR KC - you'll love it here, its a great site with a ton of support

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Nice to meet you.
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