Going into rehab.

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Going into rehab.

just a quick note to let all of my friends here know that I'm going into rehab on Friday and will be gone for awhile. I'll check in as often as possible.

I wish all of you a happy and joy filled holiday season and hope to be back soon.

Take care!!
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Good luck firestorm!
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Make the most of your time in rehab! We'll be here for you when you get back! Good luck!


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Best wishes to you in rehab firestorm, I'm proud of you for taking this step towards recovery.
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Proud of you Thank you for letting 'us' know!!
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Super, I wish you well, and please let us know how you`re doing, if you can.
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I'm proud of you too D

Call your sponsor every day or I will hear about it!!!!!

I'm so very very proud of you

The first time you get in trouble tell The Big "L" I never really liked him anyway, and yes all roads DO lead to Flashman, that will keep you from at least one buttchew, he will be laughing too hard to finish his thought
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well, you sure have a lot to be grateful for this holiday season - best wishes, firestorm.

hugs, k
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This is the best news I've had all morning, mate. I'm happy and relieved for you.
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Firestorm that is a huge great step for you!! Suck it all in and work hard!!
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My best to you, Firestorm!
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great glad,you will be in my prayers.keep in touch.
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great move Dallas!
You'll be in my thoughts and prayers.

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Best of luck! Hope you get out of it what you want and need (hopefully they are one in the same). That Amy Winehouse song is going through
my head with the chorus changed to Yes Yes Yes! If I had gone when I dried out 4 mo ago I'm pretty sure it would have given me a much better start to my recovery... A little Monday quarterbackin 4 ya. If you can I'm sure many of us would appreciate you posting about your experience there.

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Good stuff mate:-)

Be sure to get the most out of it, this could change your life!
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Awesome my friend. You'll be in my thoughts and prayers. Post as soon as you can. You are doing the right thing for yourself.

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Right on FS .. your making a life changing choice and thats a choice to se sober .. super proud of you.. We will be here and look forward to hearing from you when you get back ... prayers of patience and serenity your ways ~ Endzy ~
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Good luck to you!
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You're doing it! I am SO glad for you. Here's to a wonderful new beginning.
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Best of luck to you, firestorm! You're in my thoughts and prayers..good on ya!
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