Going into rehab.

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Strong men are the masters of their destiny; weak men are the slaves to it...I count you in the first category
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seeking recovery
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Congratulations on making this wise decision!!!
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FS that is awesome, you have made a life changing/saving decision, keep an open mind, be honest and be WILLING!

I can assure you that you will be asked to do or participate in things that at the time make no sense what so ever, just do it!!! One morning you will wake up, smile, and have an understanding (Usually! LOL) of the benefit to you was.

I hope we get to hear from you on occasion.
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All the best to you as you start off in a new healthy direction!
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Rehab for me was like a beautiful non alcoholic bubble. It was a little like SR in person. I should have stayed longer. I hope you will gain the same from your stay.
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This is a wonderful step towards a bright and happy future for you! Good luck and you will be in my prayers!
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