Going into rehab.

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You just made my day. I don't post much on your threads, but I do read and say a lot of prayers for you. One was just answered.

Hugs and prayers!

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Thumbs up

4 my friend..Oz
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I'm very proud of your courage and commitment to sobriety! Best of luck to you and post when you can to keep us all updated on your progress!
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Good luck to you firestorm...Keep us updated and take care
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Good luck and Godspeed to you Firestorm.
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capra laeviculus
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Best wishes and good luck! I hope it really works out well for you!

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Looking For Myself...Sober
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I am happy for you. Like said, Take advantage of that time and soak as much in as possible.
You really have to surrender and be willing to let others guide you. You may not like some suggestions or ideas. But its all to help you. Listen and keep an open mind.
I am on my way to a 6 to 9 mos program. I am scared but I need and want it. I keep remembering that last time last weekend. What a mess I made. I dont ever want to go back there again. So we need to do whatever it takes to make sure it doesnt.
Good Luck and I will be praying for you.
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Life is Grand
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I am so happy for you!!! Rehab saved my life, you are very fortunate to be able to go, I know it may be scary at first, but you will settle in and it will be good. Remember, you get out of rehab what you put in. Be fearless, be vulnerable and be kind to yourself.

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I'd say bout time, but I don't want to throw off the good vibes :P

I love you Dallas, get better in there k?
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Good luck Firestorm, and good on you for taking this step in your recovery.
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Good for you. I hope you get what you need from the program. Wishing you all the best.
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Yay! You make a behaviorist proud...taking that first major step! Rock and roll!
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Best wishes to you!
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Good Luck to you~
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Please accept my deepest gratitude for all of the support and encouragement you've extended to me over all these months and especially in light of this decision.

This was a real struggle for me, but in the end, I'm just tired of trying to do this on my own, so I'm doing what I feel is the best path for me to take at this time.

I will miss all of you greatly and will check in whenever possible. You are part of my family now, and my heart is warmed by your support each day. You've given me a great gift, and I thank you.

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The New Me starting 1/11/09
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Good luck Dallas - one day at a time.
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My very best wishes for you
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(((((((((((((((((((((huge hugs and pssttt.. I didn't really eat all that cheesecake, I saved 3/4ths for you))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
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Thanks liveweyerd, I love cheesecake!!!

Maybe it will keep in the freezer, lol. Oklahome, here I come. I lived in Claremore for a couple years, almost married a girl there, gosh, I loved that place way back then. Sonic on Friday night, old mustang, getting Sonic burgers and showing off on the strip, gosh, that was loads of fun. Glory Days, yea Bruce, we've all got em, lol.
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Best of luck, FS. :ghug2

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