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Unhappy Hello everyone

I decided I need to stop drinking. It is something I have known for a long time really. But its become such a long term habit so it seems easier to say than do. I pretty much self-medicate...spending most of my life with severe anxiety and depression. So alcohol is like a short term solution every night (although not really of course) that prevents me from long term solutions in my life.

I have been drinking since I was 19 and am 32 now. In all that time I have probably not gone for more than 2 weeks of sobriety. I have been letting life pass me bye and I don't want to do that anymore.

Also I am concerned with health. Sometimes after drinking the following night I will get pains in my feet sharp needles. It never happens after I don't drink. I did some google search and I am worried that if I don't stop now I might be getting alcoholic neuropathy. I also have diabetes and haven't been really controlling it...the alcohol doesn't help and then the cravings for food the next day etc...

Any way I think if I stop now and get it together I can turn things around before it's too later. I am still young and I think I have avoided long term damage...but I think and feel that long term damage is right around the corner if I don't stop now.

I want to start exercising...get in shape...control my diabetes maybe even get rid of it by losing the on my anxiety and depression and get my life together. So I am going to stop with the self-medication and habit behavior and I look forward to meeting you and the support of this forum.
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Hi, BG. I feel odd welcoming you, seeing as I just joined last night. I've been dry for 5 months now, and was just looking to see what alternative to AA might be out there. Been going to AA for 8 weeks, thoroughly enjoying the social and learning environment, though I don't feel like I fit in very well. Anyhow, hope you're feeling well, and congrats on making such a decision!
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You will find a lot of resources here. Check out the informational stickies about health issues and alcoholism. SR is packed with information about the physical and psychological effects of alcohol.
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Welcome to the family BG. I found SR by googling "health problems of heavy drinkers" (still wouldn't call myself an "alcoholic" at that point!). When I came here I was shocked there were so many people just like me. I didn't have anyone to relate to in my daily life. The more I read here, the light began to dawn for me & I finally got the courage to give it up. I self-medicated too, to help with anxiety & social phobia. Hiding from my problems made them so much worse.

When I was 32, deep inside I knew I needed to quit, but I put it off for many more years. You're doing something about it now, and avoiding a living hell down the road. I'm happy that you've reached this conclusion. Your post sounds hopeful, and you have so much to look forward to. Congratulations on this decision you've made! We'll be looking forward to hearing more about you.

WagginTail - it's great to meet you too! Stay here with us and you'll learn so much. Life is about to change for you.
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Welcome to SR BG

And welcome to WT as well.

I had been drinking for so long, I not only didn't realize it had become the problem it was, I also didn't think there was any other way than to simply continue drinking a bottle a day until it got me. I'm 29.

There is lots of support here and information... hope to see y'all around.

Take care,
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guys n gals
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Thanks for the welcome...

it is scary to get shooting pains in my foot and my eye and my chest and my nerves are being damaged...

I need to stop doing this to myself
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Well, I don't think will be breaking forum rules about giving medical advice, but I am not familiar with the pains you are describing as being related to alcohol. One of the things I did a lot when I drank was assume that all my physical ailments were related to alcohol. This is not always the case: I would see a doctor about those pains!
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I too have anxiety and depression and, amongst other reasons, would use alcohol to self-medicate. My anxiety is vastly improved and my depression is slightly better. I was trying to function with a base-line anxiety level that was way too high (thanks to alcohol). Nutrition and exercise is important, I'm all about nurturing my body and mind now. I used to get massive sugar and refined carb cravings after I drank, I'm no longer riding the blood sugar roller coaster now and it's great.

Please see your doctor about any medical concerns.
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