New here and scared! Need help in Central NJ.

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New here and scared! Need help in Central NJ.

Hi all! I'm new here and really need some help! I tried going to aa meeting tonight but chickened out and came home to drink instead. Anyone out there in central nj area that would be willing to go with me? Force me to go and support me?? I have friends that know about my problem but they don't understand what I am going through. They think it's not a big deal and I should be able to just "do it". I tried to stop on my own and think I could do it but I need people that can relate to what I am going through to talk too. I need to be able to share what I'm feeling without feeling like a failure and being judged.
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All you need to do is to call your local AA office and they will likely send someone to meet you and to go with you to a meeting.
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Originally Posted by Njdrunk View Post
Force me to go and support me??
As long as you are looking for that, you will never get the help you need. Nobody can force you to go anywhere. You have to want to go.
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call your local AA hotline.

You'd be amazed what we will do to help someone stay sober.

Welcome and best wishes~
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I want to go!!! I do!!! But I need help. That is why I'm here.
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When I finally got sober, I had to 'trick' myself into actually going back through the doors of AA.
So I had my sponsor (my old sponsor took me back) send someone to get me
and cdrive me to the meetings for the first week.

I'm letting you kinow there's a wealth of experience here on SR ...

but not a one of us can drive yuou to the door.

But AA ... can.
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Hi NJdrunk

Welcome to SR

I think calling the local AA hotline is a great idea.
People are there to help - they want to help ...

so...let them

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I was in Camden before I came here... a little far to physically help you, but...

Just go. I know it sounds over simplistic--and I was terrified... worse, my fears were justified with the first meeting I went to. But after that meeting, I had the strength to go to the next, and the next, and now I found a group I really like. I still don't really know anyone in this here state... except for them

It's a strange place, where you can make friends of people you don't really know. Like no other place on earth, or New Jersey...

Take care,

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Welcome to SR. Im a little far to go with you but just breathe deep and go. I was made to attend A.A. in rehab years ago and they were a lovely bunch of people. Sure you feel nervous first time but once you settle you will be fine
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Hi NJ,

Welcome to SR.

One of the biggest problems we have as alcoholics is admitting there is a problem. I can assure you that continuing to drink will eradicate any doubt from your mind. So, then what? We can't expect others to force us to go to AA meetings, or sign up for a recovery program,we have to decide that we want to do it for ourselves. I encourage you to reach out and find whatever help is available to you in your vicinity, and welcome you to SR. The bottom line is what is what do you want?
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Welcome to SR Njdrunk, what can I add? Well pick up a phone book, look under the "A"s for Alcoholics Anonymous and call the number!

Guess who is going to answer? A recovering alcoholic!!! Tell them what is up, tell them you would really like to have a 12th step call for you. What can they do for you?

1. They could have 2 people of your gender come by your house and talk with you.
2. They could have 2 people of your gender meet you some where for coffee and to talk.
3. They could have some one meet you at a meeting?

Are you willing to go to any length to get and stay sober? If you are then make that phone call, it could be a phone call that could save your life!
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