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I'm holding firm on my 6th day sober, and ahhhh . . . so happy. Haven't made it to a day 6 more than 3 or 4 times in the last 7 years, so a hurdle has definitely been jumped.

Going on vacation for days 8-16 . . . back home on day 17. Realized that in July, I did not make it to three weeks. Only made it to day 16, so, if I can make it through vacation, I will be coming back to my 3rd all-time days sober in about 9 years. Once I hit day 22, it'll be second all time high in probably 17 years or something . . .

Hmmmmm. Am I getting ahead of myself?? In more ways than one? LOL

Much love to you all!!! Thanks for everything and all the support, again!!

Gonna try to quit the 17 year cig habit while on vacation as well . . . time to cut all self-destructive tendencies loose.
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same planet...different world
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congratulations on six days!
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perpetual optimist
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WTG Seeking Peace!! Sounds like you are more like Finding Peace!! Keep up the strong work.
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Well, I'm on my way
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It's terrific that you are looking forward with anticipation and not backward. You're goin' strong. Congrats and keep it up!
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Thanks everyone! I was a strong, level-headed, rational person once, and with every minute sober that ticks by, I feel more and more like that person again. Just thinking of going back to feeling like a mess again brings me to tears.

I really want to find out what I am capable of as a human being. I am so blessed to have the opportunity to do so . . . never want to give that blessing up again.

Thank you all for helping me see the light get brighter. Thank you all for showing me that Day 7, Day 15, Day 938, Day 7645 is possible . . . someday, I hope to be at 7645 . . . wow, that made me choke up a bit.

much love all. stay sober tonight and sweet dreams always.

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Keep at it, woman...

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Living in sobriety
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one thing at a time. Try giving up the cigs when you are stronger. If you give up to much at one time your cravings with become too much. I gave up drink and when time had passed and I was stronger I gave up cigs. I found it impossible to just give up drink on my own. Do you have any support? Congrats on 6 days. Its probably better to make the days count instead of counting the days the start. at least that was my experience.

Good luck.
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nelco, I'm an extremist. I guess I'll have to work on giving that up after the cigarettes, huh?

My thinking is that I will have very little to zero stress on my vacation, so it may be the perfect time to slip out of my destructive, conditioned stress-reliever habits and slip into some new, healthier ones. I never smoke around the people I'm going to be with, so I figure I can just breathe, focus on the positive and enjoy every moment with them instead of sneaking outside for a cig . . . lol . . . fingers crossed.

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Congratulations on your sober time SeekingPeace
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Congrats! I am on Day 6 today and it feels really good.

Good luck quitting cigarettes - I recently quit caffeine (was very physically dependent on it) and I feel so much better!
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Congratulations on 6 days of sober time. You can do this. As far as cigs, I gave them up when I became pregnant with my son and that was easy because the thought made me sick to my stomach. LOL! Also stopped drinking, but continued after he was born. Luckily, didn't continue with the cigs.

I look forward to your sober return from vacation.
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You have just proved to yourself that you can do this...

Congrats on your sober time...
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Well done on day 6. Keep up the good work
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just keep on truckinī
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Didn't quit the cigs, but . . . today is Day 17. I was very close a few times, inches close physically, millimeters close mentally, but I made it.

Thank you all for everything! Though I wasn't really on here while I was away, I was still blessed with fantastic support in my life . . . thank the universe. Back here, at home, I realize that these preceding days had a lot to do with white-knuckling and just getting through the obvious. Now I feel like the real work must begin . . .

Still very solid in my desire to stay sober, but that desire is almost scaring me as much as not drinking! Very interesting paradox. Be well all!
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Good for you!

And, I completely understand the desire to be sober and the fear it causes. I had no idea how I could manage life without numbing myself and hiding from my emotions. Just know that you can do it, and it will be worth it.
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Originally Posted by SeekingPeace01 View Post
Still very solid in my desire to stay sober, but that desire is almost scaring me as much as not drinking! Very interesting paradox.
Yeah, interesting paradox... ... that's what keeps me coming back. I don't recommend the backsliding, of course, but I have come to the equally twisted conclusion that the desire to stay sober is as addicting as the whiskey...

It's just a new thing, that's why it's scary. Sobriety can look scary--well, for me it is--but the benefits offset that fear. Even in my insane life, so you gotta figure those benefits are pretty dang good.

Take care,
TB, sober too
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Congratulations on your sober time SeekingPeace

I too know what you mean about the desire to be sober being so intense it can be scary...I think many alcoholics are all or nothing people...and without alcohol to numb us out, it can be even more scary...

But like Anna says it's all for a great purpose...the best....

I knew I was onto something when I eventually realised I was focusing on just living life rather than drinking or not drinking...

it does all level out...

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