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Keep Fighting

I know oh so well the situation of having multiple addictions. Trading off on addictions.I have done it with food, sex, shopping, alcohol, pills, cocaine, and others.I couldn't see life without some kind of compulsion.It was like the thing I focused on was my relief.It got me out of my thoughts, and let me just melt into the moment.
I remember staring at the phone , wanting to stop myself from making the call to score pills.That life consumed me.I could not go anywhere without pills.It sucked so bad.I tried so many times to quit.I had quit just about everything else on my own, but the pills- Well, they had me completely absorbed.I could not quit, the physical sickness was too much to bare.
I finally accepted defeat, and got into a treatment program.I take Suboxone for opiate addiction, it has been over six months.I cannot believe I have been clean and sober-from everything.I learned how to not obsess over anything and face the reasons why I was slowly destroying my body and mind.It has been a very extreme and challenging experience.I have made so many changes in my life, changes that needed to be made for a lifetime.I just do whatever the recovery process asks of me, and I do it honestly.
No, I don't always want to do what is needed to stay this way.Sometimes I flat out hate the process, but I always find that once I follow through, something really awesome happens inside of me.It is hard to explain, but I always wind up being glad I made the choice to keep moving forward.
If you ever need to talk, or want any suggestions to get you started on living life without the insanity of addiction, feel free to contact me. Someone does understand not wanting to do certain things to stay sober, I am sure we all feel that way at times, but those are the times when we need to do what is necessary to stay sober the most.I have never regretted pushing myself to do something for my recovery.You won't either.
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Life is so much better.I feel in control of my life for the first time.:praying
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Yeah Hairgirl!!!!
And suddenly you know... it is time to try something new and trust in new beginnings.
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I totally relate to hating the process. Ive been on this site since 2005, but consider myself a newbie.

Im finally taking the addiction seriously, more seriously than I thought was possible for me.

Ive set goals for myself and created a daily schedule. Im trying to avoid all instant gratificationa and sometimes I am just miserable and counting the hours before I go to sleep, but I work through it..

Everyday gets easier, but sometimes im really hating what I have to do to get better.

Thanks for the post
I know there is no clearcut answer, but it is safe to say the answer wont be found in using.
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Thank you for sharing that.
Just Maybe... It is true that we do not know what we have until we lose it, But it is also true we do not know what we have been missing until it Arrives.
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thank you for this it helps
We have normality.... its all in The hitchhicker's guide to the Galaxy.... really its true I have seen it myself. No really I am normal I am sure...I am really sure... trust me I know myself I am normal.....:bounce
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