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Originally Posted by Japic05 View Post
Once again - we are a NO FAULT divorce state - drugs, alcohol, abuse, molestation - Good Guy/Bad Guy - none of this matters. This is not something that I am just have a bad day about - this is the cold hard facts of life.

I did some more searching (legal inequities always get me going) and LA has fault divorce, too, but it has to be a covenant marriage first.

I agree it sucks! I'm going to say prayers it's only temporary too!
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Oh Rita, I'm sorry to hear of your troubles and sadness. I have been through divorce- and it wasn't with an addict.

I did what you did, and just said, "whatever" - and let it go.

Sometimes it's easier to move on that way.

I did take your words to heart. I'm considering RUNNING... and not walking away.

I needed to hear that tonight- so, in some odd circle of a way, your words hit me.

Thankyou for shareing, and I hope that you end up stronger, with a peaceful life when all of this passes.
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Is there anything that you can do to sue him on some level? I'd have a hard time swallowing that pill. You seem certain in your state laws, but there has to be SOMETHING to protect you financially doesn't there?? This is a nightmare for you and I'm sorry.
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Keep praying about this, Rita. Even though the laws in your state
stink, your HP WILL have a hand in the outcome.
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I'm in Ontario and work in a sexual assault centre. I work with women who struggle every day to leave abusive partners. I have seen judges order unsupervised visits with men who molest their children. We are also a "no fault" divorce province. Our Family Court System is backed up so far that there is no getting in the court room door when family court is in session. There is literally months of waiting. That's called a justice system (ahemmm). And people wonder why women stay and put up with it? That question rocks me to my core.

I'm so sorry that you are going through this Japic -- I admire you for your strength and your committment to try to make a better life for yourself. Keep your head up and know, no matter what, you have done what was right for you.
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I live in a nofault state.
Has not been a good experience!

I have to agree with what timetogosaid,
That's called a justice system (ahemmm
No great words of advice here- Just wanted to tell you, thinking about you-
sending you big hugs. And yes- you are tired. It is exhausting. But eventually it
does get better!!
Take care
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Just sending you some more hugs and prayers!

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I'm sorry too. Don't give up though Rita. It ain't over til it's over... ya know what I mean.
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