Happy New Year My Friends

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Happy New Year My Friends

Just want to wish you all a Happy New Year. I am glad this year is over nothing could be any worse than 08 and my son's death.
Just sitting remembering some little things my son would do like Yelling the the door Mum where are you! Mum what is their to eat. Mum would you p-l-e-a-s-e wash some clothes for me. I would always say I am not your maid and he would kiss me on the cheek and say you know you love me ma. He was right I did love him more than he knew. Now I set here wanting to see his face and hear his voice.
Love Ya,
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Maggie... Know that I am thinking of you and praying for peace for you and your beautiful boy. I listened to a woman speaking today who had lost a son and her husband in a crash. The boy was only 2. She was angry at God for taking them from her and now someone how has moved to a place where she is grateful that she had the blessing of having them in her life. She is focused on the good that she has and has had in her life.

It was powerful to listen to (for me) and at the same time, I can't even imagine what type of resolve, faith and work it must take to get to that place. I also can not imagine the heartache that this brings. Thought I would share that in hopes that you will know that I am thinking of you and that although life has its share of pain, there is also the joy that makes it all worth it. Hugs to you.
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Though I know the memories of Jason must seem very painful, right now, in time they will bring more good feelings than bad. We always miss them, but with time, we can laugh about the funny memories, and talk about them without feeling like our very heart is being ripped out of our chest.

I know 2009 will still be hard for you, as most of it will be the first .....(whatever holiday or special day) without Jason, but I hope you find enough support here and f2f, that your burdens are a little less.

I'm glad you are here, and I continue to keep you and your husband in my prayers.

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happy new year.. heres to new beginnings...
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You will know the healing has started when remembering wonderful moments puts a smile on your face, instead of a tear in your eye.

That time will come, Maggie. He will always live in your heart and be part of who you are today.

Big hugs from another mama
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I just read your posts on your situation, and I am so very truly sorry for your loss and the pain you are so overwhelmed with ~hugs~
I feel your pain but yet its hard for me to imagine it as I haven't experienced a loss such as yours ........yet. I say "yet" because I too have a son who is a cocaine\crack\ heroin (and lord knows what else)addict. He is 33 yrs. old, divorced, leaving behind 2 most precious little girls. I used to hear from him from time to time but I haven't heard from him in quite awhile now and I fear every single day that the police is going to show up here with some very bad news. Its devasting as I prepare myself for the worst.
Its sooo hard going through the holidays not having them with you. Its just so unfair.
I sincerly hope the best for you. Embrace every feeling and memory. May God bless you with love and peace.

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Maggie, I haven't written to you yet, but I've been reading your story and sharing your pain and anguish over what has happened to your family. I'm so sorry for all you're now forced to go through. I don't compare the losses I've known to yours because I think there's nothing that really compares to the pain of losing a child... but Maggie, I do know that the kind of pain you're having now, that kind of pain is never permanent. It lessens. It doesn't always grip you so hard. Keep reaching out to people who understand, empathize and can support you while you need it. You're doing so well just by being here, by talking about what has happened, and by letting us give you our virtual shoulders and our virtual arms. I am keeping you in my thoughts, and in my heart.
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