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It sounds like you have everything well thought out and although a big step, it is a terrific step! I think the house pictured is adorable, but where ever you end up, I know you will find the house that will quickly become your home. Hugs and prayers
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(((Never)))) How exciting!! Be careful through lenders...Always make sure you go through someone that you can trust and check their records with the BBB. I am a real estate paralegal and see so many people enter into mortgages without having any idea what they have gotten themselves into....its sad.....foreclosure rates are at their all time highs....

Also, from my own personal experience, I wouldn't enter into an adjustable rate mortgage (ARM) because you can't tell when your house payment could more than double. I know the rates are lower now on an ARM but they won't be for long and in the long run. Be firm with the mortgage company because alot of them will try to charge you "fluff" fees.

Oh lordy......I'm sorry......I'm done. i am so excited for you and can tell you've done your homework! I just get so nervous from what I see on a day to day basis....i'm done offering my piece. Just PM me if you ever have any questions.
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Thank you guys!!!! I went through lending tree where banks all give you offers. The offer that I got was for a fixed rate mortgage. The bank people called today - I missed the call. They want to go over everything, get all the paperwork in, etc. and set up the final numbers. But, I'm still scared, so I'm going to sit on this info for a couple days!!!!
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Congrats on the possibility of the new house!! - Looks like a great place.

We were blessed with a new home after Hurricane Rita & finally moved into it on December 23, 2006 - I have to say I was very scared & really thought it was something we weren't suppose to do - as I worked thru these feelings with a fellow Al-Anon - I came to realize that it wasn't so much about FEAR as it was a lot about "unworthiness".

I really didn't think I was worthy enough to have something so nice. Don't know if you have any of those feelings, but just incase you do - wanted to let you know that YOU DO deserve a very nice place & your HP definitely wants to bless you with a lovely home.

Best of luck with the new place.

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I really think it's that I've gone into soooo many situations thinking that I knew what to expect, knew what I was doing, thought I had it all under control. Only to find out that there was sooo much more involved, and found myself with terrible outcomes. I'm just afraid this is going to be one of those things. But, my hope is that I'm a little bit smarter, a little bit wiser, and if things don't work out, I'll get out as soon as possible. That's what I keep trying to tell myself.... if it's really too much, I don't have to stay in the situation. I can sell the house and go back to renting. But, it takes alot of convincing to get me to committ to anything these days!!!!
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Wow! The house looks wonderful, and I am so glad to hear that you have made it this far! 30% of your income is a very nice comfortable figure that used to be used for mortgage to income debt ratio. Sounds like a good move.

There's a lot of responsibility to owning your own place but the rewards are worth it. Congrats and understand that any move like this is a bit scary but you'll get over it!

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