Biggest lie/manipulation you wanted to believe from your addict?

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Biggest lie/manipulation you wanted to believe from your addict?

I have many so I will go first: I know this is kind of a negative post but I am working on forgiving so I need to get this out of my system.

1. "My drug dealer is going to kill our dog if I don't pay him the money I owe"- Our dog is my best friend, I love her- I helped him get the money from his credit card- my name is not on it... Now I think he just bought more drugs

2. At 3:00 A.M. he wakes me up to tell me- "I have to go to work... I will be back home before you go to work"- he went to his drug dealers house to score more dope.

3. The latest- "I need to pay my drug dealer off before I go to rehab so you will be safe while I am there" I actually rode with him this time.... He bought more drugs, and hid them from me... he didn't owe his dealer anything...

4. Our wedding vows

5. "I didn't pawn those videogames- my friend borrowed them"

6. "I didn't steal your dead grandmothers keep sakes she gave you"

7. "I promise, I will never use drugs again"- stupid I know, but true...

8. while he locked himself in the bathroom doing drugs "My stomach is upset, I am sick"

sooo sooo many more, I don't know if I could remember them all...

Amazing what we belive when we love an addict.
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Craziest story I believed was that his dealer was gonna blow up my house over $20.

Worst lie, he believes: "He's gonna fix everything so we can be a happy family."
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To Life!
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Yup, I've heard them all...
The worst one, though, is, "I'm really working hard to get and stay straight."

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I Stayed All Night With My Agf In Her Friend Crack Apartment One Br 4 People But Didnt Use, What You Dont Believe I Didnt Use, You Dont Beleive Anything I Say, I Thought Our Relationship Was Getting Better, But "you" Just Ruin It. Thats My As
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I guess that when my daughter started seeing the 37 year old crack addict who lived downstairs from her and told me that he was a wonderful person and that they stayed up all night because he was such a good listener They could just talk for hours about anything. Also when she told me last March that she wanted to make her life better and that drugs were not a problem. Cost us about $3000 to find out that they are. Marle
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"I love you." (this was a lie every time he said it and it was the one thing I wanted to believe)

"The bill from the Super 8 Motel was one night when Bob (the photographer he was allegedly shooting photos for) blew me off and wouldn't let me stay at his place cuz his wife was out of town and he had his GF over" (Bob was fiction and did not exist, and it was Steve who was staying at the motel with his side, married, GF)
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grateful rca
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my rah told so many lies that i can't remember, but the one that stick out the most and the one that i believe without a shadow of doubt was that i was crazy. i can't believe that i believed that but i did and almost drove myself crazy trying to figure out if i really was or not. sad huh?
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Bluehawaii (10-07-2016)
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sorry to be so negative too,, i think everything they say is manipulation ....
tricking us justh ow the drugs trick them ,,,,
too bad an so sad
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I'll pay you back in two weeks.
This was 4k I "loaned".
I have learned that if you "loan" money, be sure it's money you can afford to lose.
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"Bail me out of jail and I'll live by your rules and won't screw up."

That lasted about two hours.
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A work in progress....
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The biggest lie I have believed is my EXAH's 'god talk'.

"I'm going to do what God wants me to do, you'll see" is a favorite of his.

I bought into this twice and reconciled after seperating from EXAH; it isn't working this time.....
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Bluehawaii (10-07-2016)
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"That shirt smelling like your perfume you found in my truck(women's size M) belongs to a buddy of mine, he wears too much after shave...oh yeah, he drinks kahlua out of a motel room cup and smokes those extra long cigarettes, too"...all this after coming home from a 5-day crack binge!

Probably the best thing my exah did for me since it was a wake up call that he did (and had been doing!) drugs...gave him another chance, which gave me a chance to get my name off everything of his. Divorced him 3 mos. did not get better!
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Same here. He is going to stop cause he loves me so much.. And wants to make everything back like it was... and the I owe money to. Heck he has so many he buys stuff from I cant even began to keep up.. And yeap I even heard the one about the wedding vows.. And God. You name it he has said it.. He thinks he is doing good cause he is only taking 7 to 10 hydrocodine a day... Sorry had to throw that in there to...
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1. "i Must Have Lost That Money, It Was Just Here"

2. "i Am Trying Soo Hard To Keep Our Marriage Together, Why Aren't You?"

3. "i Would Never Take Pills, I Know What You Said You Would Do If I Ever Did Again"

4. "will You Come Bail Me Out, I Swear I've Learned My Lesson This Time"

5. "i Love You More Than The Pills"

6. "the Other Car Hit Me, I Don't Know Why I Am Going To Jail"

7. " I Am Just Really Tired, I Work Alot, Thats Why I Am Falling Asleep All Teh Time"

8. "you Are My World"

9. "i Took Our Vowls Seriously, Through Teh Good And Teh Bad, Through Sickness And Health, Through Richer Or Poorer; You Are Suppose To Stand By Me"

And My Favorite
10. "i Am Sorry, It Will Never Happen Again"
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"I lost my money!!!" - (He did not lose his money. He bought dope.)

"I ran into some people I forgot I owed money to" - (He did not owe them money. He bought more dope.)
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No, honey, I would never take your pills, matbe the kids did it.
If you accuse me of having an affair, I might as well do it
I'm a medic, those syringes were leftover's from shots I gave out today
those underwear are probably yours
i just had to run to the next town over to buy cigarretes, everything was closed here, the kids (2&6yr old)were fine and sleeping I wasn't gone that long.(3 hours) (came home from work on a gut feeling)
you have an anger management problem
maybe you are bi polar
I can't work AND go to school, don't you want me to be successful?

okay, I gotta stop, my brain hurts LOL
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every work out of his mouth since the day I met him
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Talking hahahahahahahaha

Hmmmmmmmm. Let me think.... So many to pick from. So many lies. So many Addicts. So little time.....Now I'm not sure if I should pick from the ones they've told in the past or the ones there still telling.....hmmmmmmmmm.....

Ok these are the biggest doozies I can think of right now....

Well we gotta have a sense of humor about it right? Otherwise we'll just go nuts.

"That's not pot smoke you smell in my car, it's my new cologne called 'Opium'!"

"I've been clean and sober 5 years"(before we got married) He forgot to mention except for Pot and Lord only knows what else.

"I'll give you the money I was going to give my lawyer if you'll drop the spousal support!" .... Chuckle, *Snork* That is when I really knew he mistakes my kindness for stupidity!
He's basically lied about everything before and after we were married. How do I know when he isn't?
Oh it just goes on and on.

AS: "Oh, the spoons in the Bathroom?....I eat my cereal in there."
"I've had a lot of time to think in jail Mom, and looking back on things you warned me were right!" He said each time after the 4th? 5th? 6th? visit.

Oh my denial was really deep then cause I believed them!

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My favorite one that I now am able to laugh about and actually (for some wacko crazy reason) believed for a little while:

"These guys from the town I used to get drugs in have been following me. They are the ones who made me give them your credit cards, then they took them and spent all of that money at those stores. It wasn't me! I had to or they would have killed me!"

"Those guys" were to blame for a lot of things.. they also picked him up in a van and "held him hostage" so he needed to give them money NOW! "They are going to come after me, and I don't want you to get hurt too."
He literally fell to his knees and begged me, crying for money after I caught him with my ATM card because his dealers were supposedly after him too...mmmhmmmm
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I meant every WORD out of his mouth.............but my edit button wasnt there.......
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