Biggest lie/manipulation you wanted to believe from your addict?

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I'm going to the store... I'll be right back. (Returns a couple days later.)

And since it's flower planting time, here's a flower pot one.... I was planting
flowers in the wooden planter on the deck, when digging, I pulled a baggie of syringes out of the dirt. Asked AH about it, "no those aren't mine. Someone must have put them there to make me look bad." (Yeah... hmmmmm... right.)

If you accuse me of doing drugs, then I might as well go do it.
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let it grow!
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i wanted to believe every single one of them. until i understood how this disease works. blessings, k
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I cant sleep without you, thats why I still drink
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My as as he's taking money out of my husband's wallet, "I needed some money for cigs, was just going to borrow $20". After he took my birthday money out of my drawer, "oh my god, I saw the guy who I bought drugs off of once at the bar and he was going to come to our house if I didn't pay him back." "I was going to put the money back, I swear."
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From this very morning:

"Mom, I found your lost debit card in the car. Can I use it for lunch?" (It was on my desk last night. Thank God it was deactivated.)
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