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Notsleeping well,
I think that was the right choice. They do have medical staff available to her if need be. She's going to be okay. Hopefully this is her time...

Hugs to you, I know how painful this is for you.
Sometimes we have to love them enough to let go.
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Originally Posted by notsleepingwell View Post
well, didn't post bond for her, so they are going to keep her until someone can...and I can't imagine who would have the money to do that. Her boyfriend cannot because he can't show his face, not to mention he doesn't even know where she is.

The legal aid attorney said they may keep her for 6 mos until the court date comes up....please, please, let this be the right thing for her. I just hope she doesn't die from the withdrawals.

gotta go to work

I know how hard this is for you, and I know your first instinct is to protect her from being sick...I know this well. But I also believe that staying there for a while will be the best thing right now. If she would have gotten out this morning, it's a pretty good bet she would be using by this afternoon... (((notsleepingwell)))

She won't die from the withdrawals, from what I hear..they are pretty brutal, but not normally life-threatening. Hopefully, she will look back on them and keep from using when she does get out just to keep from having to go through that ever again....

Believe that your HP is answering your prayers, and that what she is going through now is what is needed to get her out of the life she has been living...I equate the drugs to Satan, and he uses them to hold the souls of the addict hostage, right now your D is getting a chance to fight the drugs and I'm sure they will take care of her medically in jail....

Still praying for you both...
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oh how i wish this would happen to my sister - i know it's different - being she's your daughter - but at least she isn't using drugs and you know where she is - that's a blessing - her son can visit her sometime and know she will be there - and she won't be high - this is such a good thing - and i think she will get the medical help she needs - and this could be exactly what you've been praying for all along - for your daughter - to be safe - for you - to know where she is and that she isn't using - and for her son to know mom is getting better - it's a good thing...

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Been there...done that!

Not bailing my son out was the best thing I could do for him. When he was first arrested....I prayed, as many, in this forum can attest to...that he not make bail.

He spent 6 months in jail, from first being charged...until sentencing. He was then sentenced to a 6 month, behavior/rehab modification program. The program was in a far northern city, of our state...we live on the southern tip. We visited, twice, before picking him up. He did not want us to visit more often...he said it was hard to watch us walk out...and him stay the other end of our state...Ohio!

So, all in all, it was over a year, before he was "free".

He has been home since Dec. 2....working.... doing great! Meth was his DOC.

He needed what he got!

Prayers for you and your daughter...she will be fine... just let go and let God!
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Just wanted you to know that I am keeping you and your daughter in my prayers. Remember that something is going to have to get her attention and maybe this will be that very thing.

I know my daughter who is in recovery today still remembers how horrible her last withdrawal was and so do I. She says she never wants to feel like that again.

So trust, believe and know that her HP has her right where she needs to be today. In jail is MUCH SAFER than out on the streets.

Hangin' In
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She is where she is supposed to be. I am sitting here saying a prayer for her and you. bless you both..
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Take care of you. If our children only knew how precious life is.
Hopefully your daughter will appreciate life soon....but first she must hit her bottom. Let her be, she has a roof over her head and three meals a day.

If you must .....put some cash in her commissary account so that she can have more food.......there, you've done some rescuing.

Speaking words of wisdom, let it be.
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Not much I can add, other than HUGS to you and your daugher too. I hope this is her time.

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I know your pain too well, dear lady. Too well.
When I pressed charges against my son in November 2005, I never
expected to feel so much pain, when he called me the morning after they
picked him up. I was still angry from the break in and robbery.
He called me after he did it. I told him I was going to call the police.
He said, "do what you have to do, mom. I did."
When he called, I accepted the charges. He didn't cry. He said people were watching him. He sounded more scared than I'd ever heard in his life.
He begged me to come and get him. I said no.
He called a dozen times that day. I finally stopped accepting the calls.
It tore me up, but I had to show him that I couldn't let him do what he did, and get away with it. It was time he was off the streets. He refused rehab.
About a month later, while working with his probation officer, we decided to have him come home on house arrest. Do you remember this? Maybe not.
Anyway, he was home for less than a week. He had a dealer drop off heroin in my mailbox. When the dealer wanted paid, I paid him.
Then I called the probation officer and told him to come get him. I was done.
His withdraw was tough, but he survived it. He had to. People were watching.

Now granted, I still visited 3 times a week, lol, and put 20 dollars a week on his books, (if i could afford to)but I left him in there.
He spent 6 months in county prison. When it came time for his court date, I dropped the charges. I felt that he had suffered enough. Ha!
Don't get me wrong. He did kick the heroin, and of course, swears to this day that he'll never use that sh*t again, (I can only pray)but he does continue to use alcohol and pot, and still manages to get into scrapes with the law.
He's still on probation in Pa., they wouldn't accept him here. So his po, a woman, go figure, allowed him to move with us. He was suppose to go to rehab, drug counseling, pay his fines, and talk with her regularly via phone.
yeah, right.
The rest, they say, is history.
Do I wish now that I would have kept the charges and have him do the 18 month sentence? Your d*mn right. I could kick my own a$$ for not following through. I saved his life for 6 months. It's up to him now to save the rest.
I pray this is her time.
I love you,
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(((((NSW)))))) Hugs to you and lots of prayers for you, your daughter and grandson. I know this is very difficult, but it truly is the most loving thing you can do. Opiate withdrawal, from what I have read, is very painful but not life threatening, unlike some other drugs. She will be okay and getting past the point of being dope sick may help her to find the strength she needs to seek recovery.

I hope you can rest easy tonight knowing your little girl is off the streets. Hugs.
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