Warrent for her arrest

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I'm HOME!!!!!
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Warrent for her arrest

I listed my daughter as missing today, and the police just called and told me they have a warrent for her arrest. I'm sitting here crying, you know, you think you have it under control, then you hear something, and it seems to knock you back down to that low place.

I'm soooo sad about this, but on the other hand, hopeful they find her and throw her into prison. Maybe there, she will be safe at last.

On another note....I'm looking into moving back to California with my grandson to give the both of us a new start. I have wonderful friends there, and there are just so many things for kids to do!!! Anyway, just looking into it at present, not making any decisions yet. Also, if it will be tooo traumatic for my grandson, I won't move us....I just think we have to get on with our lives.

I'm sooo unhappy here. I hate my job....hate this city....just whining!!!
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I'm so sorry for all that you are going through. I'm afraid I don't have any experience to offer. I hope they find her and that she is safe. I will keep you both in my prayers. HUGS
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not sleeping well
my best prayers go your way!!!
i know its hard now,, butthings willget better,. maybe jail will save her life? who knows?... u never know till it happens,,,
and if u feel youll be happy in another city yougofor it,, !!
freinds and good job that makes u happy can make life som uch better!!
GOD bless u
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On a tear
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(((NSW))) Prayers they find her soon, and that this can be her time.

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I'm so sorry you are having to go through this. I believe that good will come out of this for you and your daughter. I'm praying that they find her and she gets to a safe place; even if it is jail.

You sound excited about California! That might just be a start to a new beginning for you and your grandson.

Keeping you, your daughter and grandson in my prayers!

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I'm sorry you are going through this.

I am praying for the best, hugs, hope3
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I understand that low, sad feeling that comes when you learn one more detail
of the self destructive lifestyle. It's so hard to bear. ((( NSW )))

I remember when you were packing up to leave California and how hard it was for you. It's wonderful you are caring for your grandson. I hope you move back down south if that is your heart's desire. Grandson can surely make the adjustment at his age and it could be a very positive change for both of you.
I hope your daughter is found soon and that she can be in a safer place.
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Hug giver-outer!
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I am so, so sorry for what you are going through. Your grandson is so lucky to have you and probably for you to have him. I know there are times when you must get down so much but remember that these days do pass.

Keep praying for your AD; I will too. But whereever her life leads her, it is the road she has chosen to travel. You and no one else can stop that. I wish the drugs could just take control of them for a certain period of time but unfortunately, it does not work like that.

Keep focused on YOU and that little guy. You both deserve a better life whether it is in Canada or the US. YOU decide and once you do, I know things will go well for you.

You know we are always here for you, and I am very proud to be able to walk with you on your journey, my friend.

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Its so hard when our children do these kind of things. They have no idea how much we suffer.
She is probably hiding out. I like what Marteen said, "These days do pass"
I hope that you will find peace through all this turmoil.
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big hugs, i am sorry about your daughter.i hope she is found safe & sound.i said a prayer for you,your grandson & daughter.
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Saying prayers for you and your AD. Maybe a court ordered rehab or some jail time will help her to clear her head and see that she wants a better life. As for California maybe it is time to make the move. Being miserable where you are is not helping your situation. At least in California you have friends and as you said there is more for your grandson to do. Waiting around for your daughter to want to get better may have you waiting for a long time. Time to put you first. Mom hugs to you, Marle
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Sending loving hugs and prayers
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Just sending my support.
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My prayers go out for your daughter, that she may find a good path soon.

As for you, go where your heart leads you, life is short and meant to be lived happily. Whether you stay where you are or you leave, the outcome for your daughter will be unaffected. She will continue to use until she stops, regardless of where you live.

I'm sorry for you pain.

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NSW, I am so sorry that you are hurting now. I know what you mean when you say you have it under control and then !boom! something happens.
I hope your daughter is safe and will be found soon. Sometimes moving is good--a fresh start and different places to go to can make all the difference.
((HUGS)) & prayers.
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grateful rca
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sorry about your daughter and that you feel so bad, i pray that she is found soon and that she finds her own way soon. keeping you and your family in my prayers.
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I'm thinking of you and your grandson, and praying they find your daughter safe.

Hugs to you,
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i wish this wasn't so hard - it's such a nightmare sometimes - yecchhh - i say go for california - if it were my family and we were moving it wouldn't trouble me in the least for my sister to wonder a bit - and your grandson will be fine i bet - and you'll be better - go for it!

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How sad is it that the effects of drug addiction have us wishing our children go to prison because we feel they'll be safe there? Drugs truly are straight from hell

I feel for you so much at this moment, I pray that you will find the strength within you to let your HP handle this and that you will find happiness on your road of life...God Bless
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I'm HOME!!!!!
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ohhhhh, my wonderful SR friends...where would I be without you all?! I appreciate each and every one of you.

AD just called me at 8pm. Apparently, the police dropped by the drug house (where she's not supposed to be, by the way) and 10 min later I get a call. We're supposed to spend time together tomorrow, so I told the police I'll call when I get her in the car, and they can pick her up. Apparently the warrent is for the junkie boyfriend as well, wouldn't this be wonderful if I could get them split up in jail.

I'll be praying for this tomorrow.

Thanks for all your prayers, I believe they are working!!!

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