Warrent for her arrest

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That was a quick answer to prayers!
I am so impressed by your strength and the way you are making plans for yourself and your little guy- he is lucky to have a grandma like you. You both are so blessed to have each already know that but I'm reminding you! I will pray for your daughter that this will be her wake up call.

big hugs,

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NSW, I truly believe my HP knows when I reach that saturation point and sends me little reminders that he has things covered. I'm so sorry for how painful this is, but what you are going to do may save her life. I know you are being guided and that it is no coincidence that your daughter called.

My prayers that HP continues to guide you and to keep your daughter safe. Prayers for you and your sweet are such a terrific mom and grandmother. I know HP will provide the clarity to know where/what next. I too remember how difficult it was for you to leave CA and I agree that you deserve happiness. If you are happy I know your grandson will be too. Hugs, hugs and more hugs and lots of prayers for all of you.
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grateful rca
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glad t6o here that your daughter is safe, keeping you and yours in my prayers. you are one tough cookie i think.
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Good luck! I hope you AD faces her problems and can find the solution away from drugs.

Prayers and hugs!
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Please know that you are all in my thoughts and prayers today.

I'm so sorry about everything that has happened...I'm sorry that you've experienced such a rollercoaster ride with your daughter. Remember, your HP's got a just don't know what it is yet.

The only thing I do know for sure is that your grandson is just so blessed to have you in his life. And I know he's a blessing to you to.

Sending hugs, prayers and strength...
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glad she was found safe.prayers are continued.hugs,
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I'm HOME!!!!!
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Well, today is the day...I hope....(why do I feel like Judas?).....

She's supposed to call today, then I call police and they arrest her. The cop told me she will be released probably today or tomorrow, but if they get to arrest the boyfriend, he will be held. I'm praying he'll come along with us, he doesn't always! I think if they would be split up, that could be the incentive for her to get clean.

Please continue to keep us in your prayers, I thank all of you who've been travelling this road with me!!!

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