Prayers please

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Angry Prayers please

Hello everyone,
Tonight I am asking prayers for me. I found out yesterday by mistake that my mom has had a stroke. She has been in the hospital since last week, and no one bothered to call me. I don't have much to do with my family but still she is my mom. I went to the hospital tonight and was barred from entering her room. They had a list with my only my name on it that could not see her. I felt like a piece of SH**. Right now I just want to rip someones head off. Please pray that I can find the peace in myself again. I hate feeling like I am right now, and want to go back to they way I was.
I looked on the board tonight the first time since Friday and know that so many others need prayers more than I do, but if you could spare one that would be fine. Missed my meeting tonight to go and see her and now I feel worse than before. I hate having such a screwed up family. At least I have a sane one here on this board.

This goes to my real family :uzi2: that might really get me in jail
Thank you for letting me vent tonight.
Love all of you and will keep you in my prayers
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You are in my prayers Pam, as is your mom.
Don't let their emotions ruin what you know you are.
Your mom knows you love her, and your relationship with her is between you and her.
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Sorry you didn't get to see your mom.
I'm going to say a big prayer for her, and your family.

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pam,, ill be paryin g for u and ur mom,,
i know it was very shocking to go and find out you cants ee her,,.. but you know what GOD is there... so dont worry.
hugsto you
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Saying a prayer for your mom, you and your family. Sorry about the missed meeting, glad you came here. I hope your mom gets better and you get to see her. I'm sorry your family is acting so selfish. I hope tomorrow is a better day. Sending big hugs your way!
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I can't imagine how you must feel.
I am so sorry.
There is always plenty of prayer to go around and you deserve it just as much.
I will be praying for you and your mom.
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Oh sweetie... they tell me in program to allow the group to be the family I cannot have... to receive from them the love I cannot receive from those who are still sick and suffering in the "ism".

We are here. We love you. You ARE a good woman, and a kind and caring daughter. I am sorry your mom is sick, and she is in my prayers... as are you.

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Praying for you and your mom. I am sorry that you weren't allowed to see her. I hope that she gets well.
Nothing more to offer but some big hugs for you.
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Oh Pam, I'm sorry your family is being like that. Prayers going out to you and your mom.
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Sending up lots of prayers for healing...

Healing for your mom...
And healing of hearts in your family, too.
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Pam, I would have felt very hurt also, but please know that the bad behaviour of other family members is a reflection on them and not a reflection of you or the love in your heart.

My prayers go out for your mom, and for you and your family members, that somehow this experience will one day bring healing to each of you.

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I am so sorry, add my prayers to the others.
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i am so sorry for what u r going thru.i am sorry your family are like they r.hang in there & know you have my prayers & your mom & family do too.hugs,
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Here is a prayer for you and your Mom. I hope you are allowed to see her at some point soon. (((HUGS))))
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You and your mom are in my prayers, too. Continue to believe in yourself.
Sending you (((BIG HUGS)))
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grateful rca
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i'm sorry too, pam

i'm saying a special prayer for you, your mom and the rest of your family.
we love you dearly, and you will never be alone again, we are here for you. i pray that your mom gets better soon. i'm guessing that she may not even know that you were there and was not allowed to see her. she knows you love and i'm praying that when she get better that you'll then be able to tell her. i'm so sorry.
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You are in my thoughts and prayers today...sorry about your mother and that sign on the door, wtf was that about...

Take care my friend.

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Add my prayers hon, Im sorry it hurts but I will pray for your senerity.

Every prayer/need is important to God
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Sending my prayers and hugs!!! Stay strong!!!!
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Geez, Pam...can I smack someone upside the head for you? :-) My RAS says I'm quite good at it. j/k
I know we talked about dysfunctional families recently, but keeping you from your mom is beyond outrageous.
Sending out prayers and calming thoughts to you. And you do still have us, no matter what!
Much love, SM
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