My Meeting with my Attorney

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Wow! Thats wonderful! Where was she when i had MY devorce? I had NO lawyer cause i couldn't afford one!
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I know the feeling...At least you are taking "baby steps", though. Life don't always turn out like we planned, but I guess we just gotta roll with the punches...
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I am not a romantic, and because of that have probably missed out on some things in life.

But as pragmatic as I am, I could not divorce Mr. Big. For me, losing the marriage was a big neon sign that flashed "FAILURE! FAILURE! FAILURE!". I was determined to stay with him ALL costs. And it cost me more than I ever imagined.

Some of the "values" I have around marriage are not rational and through the insight I've gained from Alanon, I can say that some of these came to me from growing up in the chaos of alcoholism. That insight is helping me determine a good way to live the rest of my life.... without the label of success or failure.

The feelings I felt when Mr. Big and I divorced was an overwhelming sense of grief. I didn't recognize it then, or know why it was so strong when any reasonable person would have seen our divorce as a positive for all concerned. Alanon has helped me understand why I have such a fear of failure and put those feelings into perspective.
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I mean the saying “Let Go and Let God” is giving our will and life over to another.
Is that a expectation also that he will take care of it?
Christian, You've started a new chapter of your life. The lawyer and her assistance was just the beginning...keep turning the pages and be prepared for the outcome of a life that's been given over to God.
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Sounds to me like God is already takking care of you... he gives you the gifts and its up to you if you want to accept them and go on to live a happy, healthy life. You dont have to accept them, you could stay caught up in the chaos of your ex... though maybe God did for you what he did for me.

I would not have left that relationship... nope, I would have beat my head against the wall for alot longer then I did and been misserable and made everyone around me just as unhappy. SO... when I asked for intervention ... he gave it. Next thing I know he does not want to be with me?? shock...... Maybe that is what he did for you too, took you away from it BEFORE you completely lost you.

Count your blessings... sounds like a lovely blond attorney is just the thing you need right now... which is not always the same as what we want.

*hugs* Just keep moving forward. One day at a time.
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