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Agree with Lexie-I kept mine for almost a year past the divorce until I've figured out what I wanted to do with them. What's funny is they don't represent anything to me anymore-except lies and deception and abuse. Being chained to him for life became a death sentence. Hopefully someone else can put them to better use and they'll get joy from them. That's a good hope, and I hope you figure out what to do with yours.
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Ive wanted to sell them for a while but wanted to wait until the legal manuevering by xAH over the finality of the decree (for the 3rd time) was totally over...

I have thought about this for a long time, have no emotional ties to the rings other than that I don't care to have them in my possession anymore and they feel like an albatross I would like to toss aside...

I actually considered just throwing them into the ocean last summer because I so do not want them as objects anymore...

But again, practical me decided against that...
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Maybe wait until after the Bankruptcy and don't declare them as assets
or they will be included?

By the way, I have a close friend who had to do this to get resolved from some debt that wasn't all her making.
That's what it is there for, and I know she told me that beyond the initial discomfort of having to file, the relief from being under a burden practically
impossible to pay off herself was incredible.

I believe it also will help your credit rating faster than you think.
Something to do with debt-to-income ratio, I think but not sure.

So my vote is keep them a little longer and then sell and split the money
between practical and spiritual. . .
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I've been divorced three years. I had two wedding bands since I do all kinds of sports and construction projects and wanted a "play" ring for that purpose.

I had an abusive, twisted marriage.

I didn't want to keep the karma in those rings.

Six months post divorce I happened to meet a friend at the lake at a place right next door to one that held many married memories for me. I went out alone to the end of the dock and threw my "play" ring in the lake, releasing and freeing myself. It was an amazing, fulfilling, unnerving feeling!

My financial side couldn't do the same with the other two. A year after divorce I asked my mom to sell them but the prices were rock bottom. So she has them still.

And I'm softening on the fact that maybe my karma in those rings is powerful--my love, my memories, my best who knows what I'll do.

I think give it time and don't be rash.
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It all really depends on your financial situation and priorities. And to be honest 2k is not even that much these days. For example, my priority was paying off the tax debt for two reasons 1) apparently getting the IRS off my back, 2) one connection less with my ex because it was joint. My second priority is paying my credit cards off (and I only used these for my estimated tax and the attorney fee). If I had any unpaid bills, I would try to cover those first. But that is just me. And I always take a small portion of money and spend it on myself, but it is up to 5% of paycheck.

Now, if I had 10k, that would be a whole different story. I would definitely get a new car, because it would be a great opportunity and it is a necessity.

So, it all depends.

PS I still have the wedding ring, just keeping it out of sight until it becomes just a piece of metal. And it is getting there.
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I've called the jeweler, made an appt and will me going this weekend. Sad-didn't think I would feel anything but I did. I can admit this to yall-I cried my eyes out. I looked at my engagement ring-THE exact ring I had always wanted-it's not much but it's so me...and it was me and him. Simple. That promise meant so much to me-and thinking of a life with him was just about the best thing I had ever known, growing together, learning, loving, doing life together. It doesn't represent those things ahymore. It is just a piece of junk now and represents dreams of a marriage and family torn apart by his demons.I'm okay with selling it now. My point is, just make sure you are ready and don't make a rash decision. Love ya, friend.
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