The Final Hideous Stages of Alcoholism

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I'm so sorry, djayr. I can't imagine how difficult this is for you. I pray that you both find some peace soon. (((HUGS)))
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Djayr, I'm so sorry to hear how this vicious disease is affecting both you and your former wife. I'm inspired and encouraged by your faith - it reminds me that there will always be mystery to life that I can't grasp.

I wish being an alcoholic were a choice; I thoroughly believe that the disease of addiction twists and distorts until the addicted individual can't even see other choices. It's how it was for me, and I'd been in recovery before! For me, it is a disease of no-choice. I was reading a book co-authored by a gal with schizophrenia and she basically said she wished there was some lab test that could prove to her that she had it, cut and dried proof, that it was too hard to make her mind know it when it was her mind that was broken. I see addiction in the same way. I think alcoholics and addicts should be declared non compos mentis - because it is my true belief that, while using, they are - and placed in hospital treatment. Having to helplessly watch loved ones die a slow suicide is tragic...and wrong. One of the most hideous things about the disease of addiction is that the afflicted often seem unable to sense the growing hole in their soul until or unless they stop.

I don't know why some make it and some don't. I'm convinced it has little to do with "wanting it" as I didn't get it when I did want it, and did when I didn't! It's a mystery and, without faith and trust, is a torment.

Thank you for your post(s), Djayr. Again - I'm so sorry for the pain this disease is causing you and your ex-wife, but inspired by your attitude and faith.
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Originally Posted by djayr View Post
It's just hard to watch. Really almost impossible. Thank you everyone for your care and concern. This is one of the main times I post on SR, when I am freaking out. It is very stressful.
It takes great courage to reach out for help for yourself. You will need lots of support through this. Please continue to grab for your own lifelines. I hope you add my understanding and empathy to the pile, and know there's more where that came from.

Take good care.
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Thinking of you. Do take care of yourself.
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"God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I can not change
The courage to change the things I can
And the wisdom to know the difference"

Your XAW is lucky to have you, you've done what you can. With compassion. That's huge. I pray for both of you.
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Can her family have her declared non compos mentis? Honestly she seems to be killing herself.
Let people make their own decisions, I get it...until they are to this point...then I'm all for stepping in to do what she cannot, and have her committed.

I'm so sorry this has to be very difficult for you to witness...
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