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P.S. One of my creative ways to make money when medical expenses got me was to sell on eBay... went garage saling, bought stuff that I had learned would sell, made several hundred dollars a month. My friend made thousands, but she was hard core. Some creditors will lower bills, too, if you ask. Thankfully I am no longer struggling and have a great full time job and am happy!! Again, good luck.
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Thanks for all the thoughts and feedback...

Things I have cut since Winter:

I got rid of a car with a too high payment this winter and downsized, I got rid of cable, I got a forebearance on my and AH's student loans and am paying just the interest on them right now, I consolidated a high interest credit card (that is not used-- it's the balance that I am paying- the card is long gone) to a lower credit one....

I have not explored what government type help would be available if I took the lower paying job-- I would definitely fall below the income guidelines for a family of 3 (that much I looked up but not the application for help) so I guess I would qualify... Im not sure that I want to take a hand out when I know there is a better paying option-- maybe that is my ego... I don't know...

I have a week or so to decide so I am taking a break from thinking about it for tonight and tomorrow and am going to just "be" and see how I feel and if any thoughts come to mind, great. But I have made myself nuts enough today thinking about this to death!

I really do appreciate all of you for your feedback. Thank you!
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WTBH, it's a tough decision.

Just wanted to point out that this:

Originally Posted by wanttobehealthy View Post
That I should stay with what's safest which is the current higher paying job...
isn't really necessarily the absolute 'safest' route based on the recent history of non-renewal / re-signing your contract.

I'm contemplating a change because my opportunity for advancement has been lost to layoffs and elimination of positions, but kind of frozen in place based on the current job market, so not much advice or insight to offer.
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