Single Now & Learning RED FLAGS!!!

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lillamy, does he drink green tea? I like green tea.

Well, I am not ready to date, but at least I notice good looking guys now. From afar.

Yesterday I went to a coffee shop and the guy kept staring at me. It made me feel great. He looked nice, warm. Then I smiled and the magic was lost- I just got braces!! at 29! They look ridiculous.

But I still left with a hot chocolate and a smile in my face.
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I like to drink coffee, and meeting for coffee isn't necessarily a bad thing. The mention of religious fanatics made me think of some churches that have coffee shops within the church, with profits made going to the church. People can meet there for coffee and fellowship - not necessarily a bad thing either; however, let's say hypothetically I meet someone, and they bring me to an in-church coffee shop, I'm going to wonder if they're just trying to "save" me and "introduce me to Jesus". Which, I was raised Catholic so I'm like, huh?
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Sweet Corn...Now that is funny! That made me giggle!

Dating?? Maybe I should rephrase that:
I just need a part time: boy toy, yard man, mechanic, cabana boy
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I've been doing the chatting online thing too...nothing serious or sleazy, not even a dating site, just a regular, local chat site.

Few red flags for me too...definitely agree with the coffee thing. Had a guy ask if I fancied meeting for a coffee, straight away I thought "why didn't he say a drink", pressed it further and he's in recovery. That's nice, glad for him but so not ever going down that path again.

Red flag number 2 - Discussing music likes and dislikes...listed my faves at the mo, included "dance" music as I live with my 14 yr old daughter, it's constantly blasting and it's quite catchy, I like a bit of a boppy tune...Immediately get the "if you can call that "music" retort". Ok byeee!!
My ex used to call me mindless, soulless and stupid because my music tastes weren't approved of and he couldn't understand how anyone could like stuff that he didn't approve of. Am open minded and I expect the same in return. Don't like what I like but don't belittle me for liking it.

Red flag #3 would obviously be the sexual lines instead of an actual "hello". Blocked.
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You guys crack me up. Thanx for the laughs. I'm single.... again.... having learned a bunch of al-anon from the first one to help me into a _less_ crazy relationship the second time. So now I'm single again and not much wiser about dating than the first time. But I'm learning

* Makes note: measure teeth against size of truck *

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