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Hello. I had a busy week... I work long shifts and finally got some time off. I am looking forward to attending my first Al-anon meeting tomorrow evening. I am hoping it helps me out and helps me to start healing. I actually enjoy being alone with my kids.... yea it is a lot of work being a single mom because they are little but it sure is nothing compared to walking on eggshells when he is around....
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Hi Robster,
Was just reading your post, and glad to see your update. Sounds like you were doing everything yourself even when he was there, so you can do it even better without him, I am sure.

Enjoy your babies, they grow up so fast. They are lucky that you have gotten their father away from them; he can only hurt them while he is active.
Good for you, stay strong, keep posting.
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you were doing it all yourself anyway, weren't you? Now you will just be raising 3 children without the constant harassment of an angry alcoholic. Trust me, it is waaayyy easier with my AXH gone.
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On the Al-Anon meeting thing, just remember to be patient with it. The first meeting will probably feel like you're just learning how the meeting works. Give it several weeks to settle into the dynamics of the group, each one has its own personality. If it doesn't feel helpful at first, stick with it!
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*SIGH*... I need to get this off my chest... been dealing with it all day...
First off, I Al-anon was cancelled due to to funeral service so I haven't made it to the first meeting.
Second, I am unable to block text messages from my cell phone due to the carrier I have. SO.... I have recieved such disgusting messages from ABF. Today is day 14 since he's been gone... and I wake up to horrible pictures he sent me.. pictures of a naked girl... I mean very very disgustingly naked...close ups and afar... then messages following to belittle me of how that girl is wayyyyy better and not fat like me... Who does this? I mean I gave him 3 beautiful children and this is what I get in return?... It really bothered me all day... I don't know why but I feel so choked about it. WHy does he put me in a position to ridicule me?.. I am a good woman and how does he not recognize that? I am a veteran of the armed forces for 14 years, have a degree, good job, faithful, and very outgoing who has nothing but love for my family.... where is he ever going to find a woman like me?... He has nothing... NO job, No money, No vehicle, No license, No home, NOTHING...
I am trying to remain strong but I am livid... I think merely because I feel so disrespected. I never been so disrespected. I don't know why it's really bothering me.
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I don't know why it's really bothering me.
Are you kidding me! Of course if would bother you - it bothers me and I dont even know you. What a jerk!

I am really sorry you are having to deal with this. This man is showing his true colours, is a pig and obviously has the morals and values of a cucumber. I am always amazed about how low some people can go and you are the mother of his three children, I am afraid it sounds as though he is never going to 'get it'. Even if you take the alchohol away, this man is always going to be a low life.

Of course you are going to feel choked up about this, its completely disrespectful. He is trying to hurt you in the meanest way possible. Please know that you are worth so much better than this. Get angry, keep him out of your house and life and move on. He is going to be the biggest looser in all of this and you can get your own back by ignoring him, being happy and content that you no longer have him in your life, even if you have to fake it to begin with.

Make sure that you keep these txts too. Hes doing himself no favours.

Look after yourself today - you deserve it.
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He's trying his best to hurt you as deeply as possible because you are no longer enabling or supporting his bad behavior.
He's angry that you aren't his slave.
He's sick. I mean really sick--as in mentally ill.
You can cure that, you didn't cause it, and you can't control it.
I certainly wouldn't pity it either.
Aren't you glad he's not around you anymore?!
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