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Does anyone here practice regular meditation? Anyone like to share about that?

I've tried to the past few days but find myself thinking a lot within a few minutes. It's hard to turn my mind off.
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Hi Golden,
I used to practice regular mediation. I never did well with closed eye mediation but did well with Raja Yoga. It's called the 'king of yogas'. It's practised by the Brahma Kumaris and it open-eyed meditation. When I used to attend their centres, we would look at a poster of the supreme soul or God (It was a picture of 'light' surrounded by pink hues or a candle or anything really and at home, I'd do the same thing. The reason they practise open eyed yoga is to bring the mediation out into the world and they practise their yoga in everyday situations. They focus on the supreme soul or God's virtues of peace, love, joy and hope and send these on through the third eye area (the seat of the soul) outwards to people and places. I love this type of mediation. It really worked for me and I've been thinking about starting it up again and going to a few retreats. The Brahma Kumaris have retreat centres all around the world and their programs are free of charge. They only ask for a donation if you're able to afford one. They accept all people, beliefs etc. They don't have any gurus and it's run by women at the top. Love it!
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I just wanted to let you know those rising thoughts are normal, especially at first. When they arise, notice them and then move back to your breathing. Soon enough, you will have more quiet time than thought time.

Also, it has helped me to say/hear something on each breath, in and out. In, may I be peaceful. Out, thank you. In, may I be happy. Out, thank you. In, may I be healthy. Out, thank you.

To each her own, good luck on your journey!!
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I always sucked at meditation but I use visualization. That is when you think about a perfect, serene and tranquil setting. And you imagine yourself in this setting (for me it is a cabin by a stream with trees and stuff!). You just keep picturing yourself there and relaxing or doing something you love or being there with someone you love. It is a vacation of the mind.

It helps my anxiety.

I wish I could meditate but I had a hard time just clearing my mind.
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yeppers! There is lots of different kinds. Just like the meditation described above, Vipassana is taught free at retreats around the world.
It is a process of observing how you feel (physically, emotionally, etc.) in each part of your body.
Just breathing and observing your breath, the rise and fall of your stomach, or even counting your breaths does fine.
Thoughts popping up is part of the process.
You will catch yourself, later, having gotten lost in your thoughts for (sometimes ages!) some time. Then you, non-judgementally (this takes practice!) you return to the breath.
This is what meditation IS. It is a process of observing what you do - your body and mind - and not clinging to what you like and pushing away what you dislike but just observing and letting what is, be.
They call it "monkey mind" and meditation is an opportunity to just observe it. You don't need to escape it and it doesn't ruin meditation. It IS meditation.
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I have found it very helpful to silently count my breaths (on the outbreath - inhale, exhale: "one", inhale, exhale: "two", etc.). I count up to ten and then start over again. When I catch myself counting over ten, I know that my mind has wandered and I gently and kindly begin again at one. I usually don't go any higher than 15 before I notice!
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Meditation is something you "get" over time and practice. Visualization of your breath is a great way to meditate...thinking of the breath in as an incoming wave until it crashes, exhaling out as the ocean is pulling away and rebuilding its swell.

I also practice yoga regularly. Once into the practice, your mind naturally empties all thoughts as you focus your attention on your breathing and the holding of poses.

Keep at's a wonderful thing to do to regulate your bio-rythyms...helps get you through a stressful situation, helps to slow you down to think. Helps you sleep.
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I do self-hypnosis, I think it's similar. For me, when I'm practicing on a regular basis, it's easier to go into trance and to maintain it. I do breath-counting and focused imaging.

Hope this helps!


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I meditate and I also find it helps to integrate it with yoga...

I also find a good meditation time is when I first awaken or when I go to bed, just because I'm not thinking, OK, now I have to meditate. It's a way just to consciously slip into it.

Starting with simple breathing and being conscious of the breathing is key--with no expectations, and as readyforhelp said, concentrating on a phrase or a mantra really helps... my phrase is:

Breathing in I feel God's love
Breathing out I share God's love

It puts me in the frame of mind that I am simply a conduit of love, and it helps me relinquish my ego and thus self-judgement.
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At the end of a yoga session we go into savasana..a kind of deep meditative relaxation..I found it to be the best way for me to meditate because I am physically worn out, in tune with myself from the yoga practice.
I do TRY to meditate at other times..practice,practice,practice.I was just rerading Buddihsm and the 12 steps last night..he was saying when thoughts pop up you can label it "aversion" or "wanting/desire" and move on..tried it today..pretty cool
it's very difficult for most people I think..we are used to not being present, worrying about the future or thinking about the past..I have bad monkey mind..must be why this is step 11 and not 1!
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