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Okay, I have to add my 2 cents worth!!
Parents who send SICK kids to school rather then taking a day off work to keep their child home and prevent other kids/adults in the building from getting sick!!

Going into stores and seeing people who live in this country but do not speak this language!!!

Being in a meeting, having someone ask a question, listen for 15 minutes to the answer and then have some other knit wit ask the exact same question because they were tuned out before!

Having my monster in law call me and ask "How's my baby doing?" Even though MY son is 4 years old now and NOT a baby, nor did she give birth to him! (One day I should tell her to call her baby who lives in Washington DC)

Going to the store to return something to have 2 things happen...1 the person working at "customer service" acts like its a bother to help you 2. they will charge you a "restocking fee" because it's been past 30 or 45 days...even IF you HAVE the receipt!!

Enough said!
Sped teach
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Speaking of Wal Mart....

The whole damn place irritates me. I have nightmares about WalMart.
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OK, I'm in.....

I had the biggest scare of my bus driving career. Here I am 40 ft. of YELLOW metal on wheels (and headlights on) going down the street and out from a side street comes this little compact car, with a not so smart driver in it, and runs his stop sign and crosses right in front of me at about, Oh I'd say less than 20 ft. from my front end. People just don't realize that it takes a bus a ways to stop. they just don't stop the second you put on the brake. the worst part that got me mad was that he was smiling about it. I thought to myself "you wouldn't be smiling to pretty if you were pinned right under this bus. I had to hit my brakes so hard and apply my emergency brake to stop in time. the poor kids went sliding off their seats. Luckily they were middle school and bigger than the little ones.

So I have to go along with ....poor drivers make me irritated!!

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Does anyone else teenagers take out the last popsicle, last cracker, last cookie and leave the box empty in the cupboard or freezer? Drives me CRAAZZZZZZZZZYYYYYYYYYY.
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{tap}{tap}...Is this thing on?
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Never Ending Barking Dogs

The "neighbor's" ( I use this term very loosely) dog who for 3 hours yesterday afternoon barked at any person, leaf, squirrel that moved in our townhome parking log.

More accurately, the owners of the dog who won't bring it in b/c it is a "watch dog". Very neighborly

I must not have received the memo to regarding the need to look out for renegade rodents!!

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When driving someone pulling out in front of me and going about 30 mph when there was no one behind me....couldn't they wait a couple more seconds?
I have to second this one big time. Goes with having someone in the left lane going no faster than the car next to them in the right lane, and staying there next to them for miles.

Finding I have chips but no dip, or dip but no chips.

Having someone mention a great idea that you already mentioned earlier, and acting as if they just thought of it.

Being invited to a meeting 15 minutes before the meeting is to start.

Always seeming to need gasoline when it is cold, raining, or I am late for something.

Being ready on time to go somewhere and then waiting forever for someone who acts like it's no big deal that they are not ready.
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Studip Dip S**** who like HOT PEPPERS!
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Morning Glory

Whoever the nimrod is who only showed part one of "The Thornbirds" should be brought up on criminal charges.
Let's by the mini-series on video and have a Codie slumber party. The part where Meggie and Ralph get together on the island gets me every time.
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I love The Thorn Birds! One of my favourite parts was when Meggie told Luke to hit the road. I think I've read the book about 6 times.

I like your idea, Gabe!

And I would have been SO miffed if I'd only got to see part one - what were they thinking????
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Ok, I live in an apartment complex yesterday morning the dumb a** that parked next to me, parked so closely my side mirror was barely touching his vehicle....thus causing me to get into the drivers seat from the passengers side, straddle my stick shift and cuss loudly all at the nice time of 5 a.m.

You run in the store....just have ONE thing to grab, you go to check out and all lines are full, and NO ONE will just "let you go ahead in front of them"

The dumb a** in the movies that will allow their cell phone to ring,answer it and hold a conversation all while staying put in their seat during the movie.

(although I have one) Cell Phones in General

The Alarm Clock going off in the Mornings

Waking up and becoming aware that I am out of Coffee

The jack a** in traffic that almost comes right over in your lane and almost hits you but realizes it, jerks his vehicle away and almost gives you cardiac arrest.

This was an easy post, just had to think about the events of this week in my life, it all just flowed out.

Great thread!!!!!

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Uh, o.k.

I don't put the toilet paper on the spool, I sit it on top, I eat the last ice cream and leave the box in the freezer, and I drink have of a soda and leave the rest in the fridge till it's flat.

Do you all hate me now?

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Juls, you are a nut!
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I used to work here ;)
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I think this goes in line with Ann's phone calls. Someone calls me on the phone and then asks me to hold. I don't think so, you called me butt head!
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Originally posted by Juls
Uh, o.k.

I don't put the toilet paper on the spool, I sit it on top, I eat the last ice cream and leave the box in the freezer, and I drink have of a soda and leave the rest in the fridge till it's flat.

Do you all hate me now?

Juls... all of those things are okay.

Do you squeeze the toothpaste tube in the middle?
Do you put cigarette butts in MY half drunk can of soda for me to pick up and swig unknowingly?

Those things are not okay.
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Originally posted by phoenix
Indeed you some suggest removing it from the package before placing it in the oven.I hope the people who needed that instruction are closely supervised at all times


"and don't forget to take the cardboard off the bottom of the pizza son"


"I told you to take the cardboard off the bottom son"
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Getting up in the middle of the night to go potty and either hubby, son or the dog ( yes he can lift the toilet seat to drink out of), leaves the toilet seat up and I... well fall in!

Excuse me boys but a Lady lives here too and don't alway's blame the dog!!
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They call me Kim
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Burping contests at the dinner table!


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Smoke, LOL

No I don't squeeze the toothpaste from the middle or put cigg butts in someones' soda.

I can only think of a couple of things that drive me crazy, and that is waiting in line in the supermarket, and inefficiant drivers. I'm sure there are others, but I'm in such a good mood lately that I can't think of anything.

The soda thing really drives my son and husband nuts though. LOL

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More from me

People who have loud conversations on their cell phones while in line at the grocery store. Hey people...guess what? Not a one of us in line with you is in any way interested in what you have to say on the phone.
And sorry Juls, but I have no use for people who put empty cartons back in the fridge or freezer after they have taken the last of what was in said carton. Is it such a long and dangerous journey to the trash can?
Bonbon, people who do the "cell phone thing" in movie theatres, are suffering from "Over Inflated Ego Syndrome"...also known as "It's All About Me" syndrome. Our lives, and our movie viewing, must all be put on hold so they can carry on with their oh-so important phone conversations. I have a cell phone. It's for emergency use only. Not so that I can keep it glued to my ear 24/7.
Lately, every time I see someone make a bone-headed move in traffic, they are on their cell phone. Here's to the good old days when people couldn't drive and talk on the phone at the same time.
And in conclusion...people who make six figure salaries, and take three vacations a year...who whine about their lives. And how hard it is for them to deal with all their "problems". (Psst...their "problems" are how to figure out how to get their kids to camp in the summer so they can go to Puerto Rico on vacation. If anyone feels sorry for them, please raise your hand. Oh look...Gabe's hand is not raised.)
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When you cry...lift your glasses up on your head and they get stuck in your hair.....

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