Hi again!!

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Hi again!!

I havent posted on here in forever. A few of you my remember but over a yr ago I left for basic training down at Parris Island S.C. Well I am home and have been for a while. I was discharged. I recieved a General Honorable discharge. I was sent to MHU while in training and they diagnosed me with PTSD. While in training I started seeing things.

I started seeing fights my parents had when I was three. One day it was about 1300, right after afternoon chow and I was sitting on my lockbox and I watch my mother and father screaming and then my father drag my mom by her hair down the lenght of the squadbay and disappeared. IT scared the hell out of me since I was having this happen foe a few weeks. I alos would have night terrors and sleep maybe 2 hours a night.

Anyhow I talked to the people I had to and like I said Iw as sent to MHU(Mental health unit) and I talk to a psych. A few weeks later I was on a grayhound bus on my way home.

Feels good to be back but I do miss it to a degree but I guess this proves to me how much of a hold this disiease has on people.

Well hello and I will be posting daily.

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what a painful experience that must have been - glad you are home where you can get some help to deal with the affects of this dreadful disease.

please do keep posting and letting us know how you are doing!

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Good for you for taking care of yourself. You are a smart man to work on those issues now. That sort of stuff doesn't seem to go away by itself, so you are really ahead of the curve.

I too live in SC. My exabf was stationed at Parris Island for several years following his stint in the first Gulf War (closest base to home). We drove down there last summer because I had never been there. They let us look around and the young man at the front post asked us why in the world L would want to come back for a visit as he wanted to get out of there (we thought this was really funny). We drove around, went to the museum and walked a bit. By the time we left, L said that he was really glad that he no longer lived there and began remembering the humidity, heat and bugs. (We lived in Charleston not too far away, but he said the summers at P.I. were the worst).

L too had PTSD from the war. It went unchecked until a few years ago when his drinking spiraled out of control and since then he has gone downhill from there. We are no longer together as a direct result of his drinking and other drinking related activities. He no longer goes to therapy and struggles everday with this.

My father was a marine in Vietnam who struggled with PTSD throughout my childhood and unfortunately it went unchecked until he regularly began angry/violent outbursts after he and my mother divorced. He went to therapy and is now like a different person who has his anger in check.

You are such a smart man to take active steps to care for yourself. There are always opportunites available to capable people who work hard, and I can tell since you were at PI and are now working on your recovery, you are one of those people.

Good luck to you and keep posting.
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Hi TimTIm,

Welcome back! This sounds like a great time to address these nightmares that still haunt you - and I'm glad you're out here with us (yeah, we know about nightmares )

You have a lot to offer the country and the world, and I know you'll find your niche. But first, take care of YOU and see what you can do about those old tapes running in your head. PTSD is nothing to sneeze at.....please take care of yourself and do what you need to do to get better.

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