Can you have an Alcoholic committed?

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Thank you SF, that's what I thought about the Baker Act, and we already know about the Marchman Act. Hell, he has been in the Stuart Marchman center 2x in the past 60 days - Once in Bunnell and most recently in Daytona Beach. As a matter of fact, it was the Stuart Marchman Center in DB that d/c him from detox and he is on the "waiting list" for a bed. He doesn't have a history of mental illness, other than anxiety and ADD and drinking himself completely insane.

Even for those who have insurance, it has been my understanding that they will not authorize/approve resedential treatment beyond 30 days per year. What then? What about those patients who need long-term treatment that is well beyond 30 days? 90 days, 120 days +++

If his drinking and all the perks that go along with it aren't enough, his family and I are TRYING to deal with the frustration of getting him in treatment. Hello!?! He's actually willing to go, but if he doesn't get in soon, I honestly fear he will drink himself to death. He left my MIL's house really early this AM to "go the beach" which really means "go on a binge". Now he's gone. She's a wreck again. I fear this woman may have a nervous break down. It's one thing for a spouse, friend, etc. to detach from the A, but I imagine it must be unbearable for a parent to consider doing this to their child, even though it is out of love. She's just not there yet.
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He can call Salvation Army, they really have a great rehab program,'s free.

I know there are several in Florida, or he can try Georgia.


Love and hugs,
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Detaching or letting go was heartbreaking for me. We all learn it is one of the few options when dealing with an addict. We worry about them harming themselves, harming others. We miss them. It becomes logical to detach as we learn more about addiction and dealing with it.

I know one woman, mother of 4 who has been through hell and back with EVERY child and their father. She must be in her 70's, white hair, stoic(heroic?), filled with wisdom, wit and humour. Her husband died from alcoholism. All 4 children have been through alcoholism with or without concomitant drug addiction. Children have been in jail, detox, rehab, AA, and one even remains in prison. The good news, children are all sober finally. When I was falling apart with my aw, I asked this woman for guidance. After she told me what she'd gone through I stopped motionless, said wow, took a deep breath and gained some new perspective.
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RE; Can you have an Alcoholic committed?

I was rethinking this question and realized while I was sucked in as a codependent and resultantly emotionally and physically ill myself, how very reasonable it would have been to voluntarily commit MYSELF.

Can anyone else relate to this?
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Yes! There are a few days that I wanted a padded cell....for MYSELF

Unfortunately, I think someone has to be a danger to themselves, or others, before it's even considered. And even then, I believe they have to be evaluated....and I don't know of very many alcoholics that couldn't lie and manipulate their way outta that too.

It's still his problem, not yours...he has to wait for a don't. He is manipulating his mom, not you. He is 2 hours away from you....that's got to be a good thing!

Stay strong.
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I would think this might be a last resort attempt at recovery for an A who is dangerous and out of control for their own good. I have never really thought about this as an option. Only because my Granson is a very well behaved Alcoholic. In the furture? Yes I feel this is something to consider.
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I am curious, have you contacted the Salvation Army?? They get faith based money from Gov't I believe.
Call churches for tel number, loc etc, also local police sta has info.

To me it would be worth finding out and pass info to him or his parents.
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Thank you Zoey. You are very kind to respond. I am looking for a more medical type of treatment for my Grandson. Our Faith has never been in question.It remains stedfast.
I think I may have chosen the wrong forum sadly. This appears to be mostly married or separated couples looking for support. My Grandson has been in AA and he doesn't want to go back. That is a choice he has made so I was looking for alternatives to present him with.
I have found some different types on the Internet to look into.
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Hi Rosalie:

You might want to try the "alcoholism" forum. Here is the link that is on the top of that forum for recovery programs...
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I did go to this section and went under parenting and relationship forum.
There were a few posts still about marriages or people ending relationship.
Looking more for an informative parenting forum,Thank you anyway for your time trying to help me.
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