Hi all....

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Always hopeful...
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Hi all....

Well, it's been a long winter! My Daughter got thru all the radiation and chemo...yesterday got her scan results and it is kinda confusing to me(the Nurse!).
But, her Oncologist said it was good/better! It's been horrible for her, not eating, drinking or talking during alot of the past 5 months. I'm drained! AND she is just hanging in there....I just couldn't post for awhile. Too overwhelming. I thought losing my A last summer was a big deal...not like what my poor girl has been thru w/ the cancer and the treatment, and losing a pregnancy. Really brings things into perspective!
I had talked to the XA a couple times this winter while she was going thru it all, REALLY only a couple. I knew he would be absolutely no support really. And, when I would really need him, he'd prolly be out drinking, etc. Tonight, I went to a Wedding of a young girl who worked in our office, I am reallly okay going alone to things cuz that is how my life has been, but thinking about it today, I truly realized how much better it was going actually alone, cuz I wouldn't have the pain of his bitching for me wanting him to go with me, and his drinking at the bar if he went,till he was falling down drunk and coming home watching him pass out and/or starting a fight!

I think it is called serenity! Peace! Healing! Recovery!

Thanks be for it!
I also have to be thankful the split was when it was. He is involved in his DUI stuff, and prolly won't drive for a long time, if ever. AND, now I don't have to deal w/ that too.
It was a very difficult decision that didn't come easily, but well thought out, and sorted out.....and now, finally, I know it was the best for me.
Hoping the best for all of us....
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(((Mazey))) Your recovery is shining throught !!!

I will keep you and your daughter in my prayers.
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Good to hear from you, Mazey. I'm glad things are looking up for your daughter. I can only imagine what you and she have been through these past five months. I continue to keep both of you in my prayers.
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Think ofyou both often, Thanks for the update, with good report.
Hopeyou can keep droping by. I have missed you.
Caring, loving hugs to you both.
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full of hope
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Mazey, Hugs and prayer to you and your family!

I'm believing the best for you all, too!

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Sounds like things are good in your world. Glad to see you around!!!
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Good to hear from you again. I am glad that your daughter got an encouraging report and hopefully she is done with her treatments.
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Always hopeful...
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Oh, THANKs! It always feels so good to come here. WE all share and care so much for each other. We "get it". xoxoxoxo
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Hi Mazey,
It's nice to hear from you and I hope things continue to improve for your daughter.
Thanks for checking in and giving us an update. Your recovery sounds real good!
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Yes I would imagine a sick child would out weigh a husbands need. Puts everything into perspective for you now. You soumd like you have been going through some trying times. Good news on your daughters health.Amen
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