Where do you start?

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Where do you start?

You have drink to relieve the pain..The drinking causes/worsens anxiety. It's a horrible cycle and it is very hard to get out of. Also, there are usually many other issues you have to resolve that you don't know where to begin.

I am very sick with a cold. I decided this would be the perfect time to stop drinking. I have no urge to and it will only make things worse and prolong my healing. I need my energy. I probably became sick because I was drinking so much and my immune system was probably weak.

My BF tells me I worry too much, and I know I do. I stress a lot about what others think, and it causes me to not be able to speak to people normally, and that is a huge part of my job. It causes me to stutter and I blank out and don't know how to formulate sentences. Maybe my brain is dead from all the drinking.

How do you know what the next step should be?
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dysfunctional I don't know what the next step is for you, but you made a giant first step in abstaining! Get to an AA meeting as soon as you can...they can help and guide you. You can get better and all that you mentioned regarding not being able to speak will subside.... Please explore this site and see other forums where help is just waiting for you!
PS Rest and care for yourself and get better soon.
There are genuine, loving people here. Please, use them! We want to help.
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