Friend downplaying my sobriety

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Why didn't you ask him what he meant? My experience was that people thought I over reacted to a situation by stopping drinking or that it was some kind of phase. Then they forgot I didn't drink and now it's not a thing anymore.
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I very quickly gave up my drinking friends. I soon discovered the primary thing we had in common was we liked to drink and not much more. Today I have a group of friends that I actually enjoy. They care about me and I care about them
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Most likely he is just justifying his own drinking by equating it to your sobriety. The "new drug" BTW has no bad side affects.

A regular in a group of us that get together a few times a month likes to say about my not drinking "my dad told me never to quit. I'm not a quitter" as he orders another drink. I just ignore the comment, not worth engaging him in a debate.
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Thanks again for all your thoughts and helpful support. I've been off the message board for a few days and it wonderful to come back and read all these post. Still going strong. 75 days sober today.
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Great going soberlvn

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I would interpret such a comment as them saying that it's the 'in' thing or 'trendy' thing to be doing right now.
implying that they believe you're going through a phase and will be drinking again soon. If they knew you as a heavy drinker that will possibly put doubt in some of those you drank with as to how serious you are or you ability to be sober

it might not be personal at all, its possible the person cant comprehend not drinking themselves so don't understand people that abstain.

I wouldn't acknowledge it. I would let my conviction in not drinking talk for me.
eventually I imagine that person may come to ask questions or even advice once they're doubt has been replaced with the respect you are due
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