Job Interview While Still Shaky

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Job Interview While Still Shaky

I had to cancel at the last minute because I was having a panic attack and anxiety over my shakiness. I wasn't even able to write my name, and I was mortified of embarrassing myself if I were to be asked to write something during the interview.

To top it all off, I called the HR person (on her cell phone) that set up the interview the day before (which was a Sunday) and left an anxiety-ridden voicemail telling her my dad was in the hospital, so I would like to reschedule the interview. To which she texted me back, "Sorry can't talk right now." My dad really was and still is in the hospital, but that wasn't the entire reason obviously.

The day of the interview, I called the HR person's work phone and left a voice message saying that I would be happy to reschedule, but I needed to cancel the job interview.

Long story short, that's a lost opportunity from drinking, and I wasn't even drinking. I was a week sober. This was yesterday and Sunday.

Another good reason not to pick up that first drink, folks. I will probably end up writing an amends letter to that HR person in the future explaining the exact nature of my screw-up. Provided doing so would not constitute professional suicide. As of now, she just thinks I'm flaky or like some engineers, have a lot of anxiety.

Either way, one day at a time. Day 9 today. And I'm happily sober. I actually had a good day. I was approved for Medicaid to hopefully back pay hospital bills to the beginning of the year and I helped a friend that accidentally locked her keys in her car.
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I sabotaged myself so many times. Thankfully that never has to happen to us again. Congratulations on your 9 hard-earned days. You are doing this.
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To be honest, the universe isn't giving me much choice
I'm just along for the ride. It's less anxiety-inducing that way.

Also, I'm an atheist and a secular humanist. So that's likely the extent of the spirituality you're going to get out of me for now.

But if I had it my way, I would be drinking.
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It did give you a choice.

I don't think you need to make amends to an HR lady that has heard every reason in the book for people canceling appointments. You didn't personally wrong her in any way.
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OldMe - Congratulations on your nine days. That's a big deal. I think you will have many more opportunities if you continue down this path. You can do this. You are already doing it.

From the STBex of an alcoholic husband
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I agree re: informing the HR lady... There's no reason to risk getting a reputation. I had to cancel an interview once too because of shaky tremors... I almost went in there drunk, but lost my nerve luckily. There will be other opportunities!!
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Right why top it all off with professional suicide? You don't own Ms. HR an explanation. Things will get better. I had an anxiety attack at the DMV ...I was at the end where you have to sign your name for them to print out your new license. I was shaking so bad it was a squiggle. DMV lady said REALLY? This is your signature? It is all I can manage today was my reply. She ended up using my signature from the last one and put it on my new license. I was grateful.
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